You should stop e-mailing me unless it’s important

I would like to start this with a disclaimer that this op-ed does not apply to any residents in the building which I work, any of my professors, bosses, colleagues, Vanguard readers who feel so inclined, or anyone else who has any reason to need to contact me on a personal level.

This is, however, mostly directed at everyone else who is in charge of everything else that’s in my inbox, stressing me out beyond compare.

It is the end of the semester and I am so incredibly burnt out that having to sort through three back-to-back e-mails from University Communications might just push me over the edge.

Frankly, I already work for what is supposed to be the campus student news source, I don’t need 4 more e-mail news blasts in my day.

I am genuinely fed up with being e-mailed by every campus office, regardless of if it applies to me or not.

It buries everything that is important in my in-box, hinders my ability to be productive in any sense, and just feels unnecessary in every single way.

If you would like to e-mail me about something that actually involves me, my work, or any aspect of my life at all, please feel free to do so.

I don’t care if you’re just e-mailing me to make me angry in response to this article, that’s still relevant to me, somehow, in some way.

I do not, however, appreciate being told every time someone at the bookstore sneezes.

I think that open communication is essential to a thriving society, however, I think I speak for at least a large portion of the student population when I say that I wish the university would communicate with my in-box just a little bit less.

My fellow editor at the Vanguard, Danielle Carlisi, is also a bit fed up with the sheer volume of e-mails she’s been receiving.

“I wish I would be e-mailed less” She said “I don’t read them anyway” I, personally, would actually cry for joy if my in-box was condensed a bit so I could pay attention to the things that are actually important and need to be taken care of.

As for the SVSU today news blast e-mails in particular, I will admit that I take it just a bit personally because, after all, they are making my job redundant to my face, and I take a smidgen of offense to that.

Overall, if you have something to say to me, a question to ask, or a concern to levy, please make your way to my in-box as much as you could possibly care to.

But if you’re just sending a spamesque, generalized student body e-mail, please, I am begging you, contact other departments to see if maybe you could combine your e-mails into one instead of sending me 17 different e-mails in one day (yes, that is an exaggeration, but you’ll have to bear with me on it)

Also, as a shameless self-advertisement, consider teaming up with the Vanguard if you have something vaguely news-based to announce to the student body population.

In conclusion, please e-mail me unless you are SVSU today.

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