Staff Shoutout: Clem Kettlehorn is the best

I’m an Resident Advisor (RA) in Living Center Southwest (LCSW), and during the staff meeting this past week, something came up that we all felt so strongly about that I decided it needed to be put in the newspaper.

In short, we think Clem Kettlehorn is the best Custodian ever, and he is the backbone of our building.

He is always so kind and friendly. Every member of our staff has something excellent to say about him, and we hope he knows just how much we appreciate him.

Not only is Clem the nicest man you could ever hope to meet, but he is also incredibly hardworking and dedicated.

Clem has been at SVSU for over 30 years, and we think that Southwest wouldn’t survive without him. Alaina Briggs, one of the RAs here, wanted to highlight how incredibly friendly he always is, and not even just to her.

“He’s so kind and hardworking, the building is always spotless and he never forgets to greet my dog, Charlie, even”

I don’t think I have ever had a conversation with him that didn’t make my day, he took the time to look over our bulletin boards, which not even all our residents did.

Clem always talks to me about my articles in the paper, my hometown, or the building in general. He is hands down the greatest.

We cannot thank him enough for what he does for us, especially considering we’re a freshman facility, and there tends to be more than our fair share of messes.

No matter what state the laundry rooms were left in, or what thing needs upkeep in the building, we’ve never seen him anything but cheery, motivated, and kind.

Our Resident Director, Anton’e Williamson also mentioned how much he loves Clem. He agrees that Mr. Kettlehorn is absolutely amazing, is great at his job, and always goes above and beyond for us.

He’s a great person to talk to, and he’s amazing at his job. He helps to make our building a great place to work and to live, and everyone agrees on that.

Another RA on staff, Gracie Vendetti, told us about how she always runs into Clem on her way to her morning classes.

Not only does he always have a friendly hello for her, but one particular morning, the day after one of her morning classes had been canceled, Clem told her that he had been worried she would be late for class the previous day.

If anyone with the power to do so is reading this, I think you should double Clem’s salary and give both him and his lovely wife a paid vacation to wherever they want to go.

I cannot think of any way to truly repay him for how positively he impacts our building, but Hawaii might be a good start.

Clem Kettlehorn is absolutely amazing, as a person, and as a member of SVSU’s staff.

I think that the world we live in needs more people who are as kind, hardworking, and dedicated as he is.

He is one of the best examples of someone to look up to I have come across in my college career, and I
feel he is someone everyone should look up to in their lives.

He has unanimously won the title of LCSW’s favorite custodian and maintenance man, and also one of our favorite people ever.

We hope that he gets the recognition he deserves, because he is the unsung hero of our building.

To those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Clem, here is your friendly reminder to praise the people in your life who impact it positively, no matter which aspect of your life their impact is on.

Lastly, to our dearest Mr. Kettlehorn, we cannot thank you enough for everything that you do for us and our building.

We recognize and value all of the hard work you do for us, and we want you to know that we appreciate you more then we can say

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