The C-store should carry more fruits and vegetables

This may end up being a very unpopular opinion, but it always bothered me that there werent more things to cook with at the C-store.

I know its unrealistic to want a grocery stores worth of food, but I think it would be a really helpful addition to carry things like frozen fruits and veggies.

It makes sense to me, given as the dorms at SVSU have full kitchens, that they would sell. Not every student on campus has a car or money outside of their meal plan, especially freshman students.

By giving students more options of things to actually cook with, it would allow them to take more pride in themselves, learn a new and important skill, and even help with homesickness in some cases.

Before you say it’s weird to sell fruit and beg at a convenience store, let me tell you a bit about my old job.

I worked at a Walgreens in high school, in addition to milk, eggs, and bread, our freezer section had frozen vegtables, frozen prepared meats like grilled chicken slices, and even raw beef.

If its okay to sell raw beef at a pharmacy, I don’t see why it would be far fetched at a convenience store.

There’s already a ton of pantry staples for students to pick up when they’re running short, why not add a bag of frozen peas for a dinner or blueberries for a smoothie?

It does make me slightly uneasy to think about the smoke alarms that might be encouraged to be set off, but making mistakes is part of the learning process, and you can’t tell me you’ve never over sauteed an onion in your life.

Overall, I think that carrying more produce and other grocery items could encourage students to build healthy habits.

Cooking for yourself is a life skill, a social event, a stress reliever, and generally healthier than most other options. I think it’s important to encourage it whenever you can, especially in an environment like college where people are already focused on learning and growth.

I know it’s unrealistic to want a ton of options, but to have at least an option might be a good change.

Not everyone may agree that it’s a good idea, and that’s okay. I don’t know the logistical side of things or all the barriers in the way, but I think it’s a good thing to start thinking about.

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