‘My Best Feature’ event promotes self-love

Members of Active Minds speak to students about body positivity at “My Best Feature” event. Vanguard Photographer | Ryan Pelletier

On Feb 1, Active Minds promoted self-love and eating disorder awareness at the event My Best Feature.

Anna Grattan, Active Minds president and psychology senior, said that students would write their best feature on a whiteboard and then pose with the board to post to Instagram.

“We allowed students to write their best feature on a whiteboard and post a picture of them holding the board on our Instagram story,” Grattan said. “Active minds has done this every year in February.”

Grattan said she was also able to attend the event herself and said this kind of event provides benefits for students and there were materials made available to students to help them even more.

“This benefits the students because it promotes self-love and allows a conversation to be started regarding eating disorders and raising awareness,” she said. “Our table during this event has pamphlets on eating disorders and resources we have at every event.”

The My Best Feature event is just one of many that it holds throughout the school year to achieve its goal. They hold events such as ‘Chalk the Walk’ and coffee houses, as well as bringing in outside guest speakers.

To see any upcoming events, visit the Active Minds Instagram (active_minds_svsu) or its Facebook page.

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