Review: ‘X’ is a good horror movie with a unique premise

I went into this movie knowing absolutely nothing other than it was a new horror movie out.

Thus, I had no expectations other than a few social media posts praising it.

First, I would like the address the title.

The choice of the title “X” makes sense because I would tell anyone who wants to see it that it would definitely be an X-rated movie.

I hope no one brought their kids to watch it.

The movie is centered around a group of people who are looking to make an adult film.

They rent a house on an old couple’s farm to film it, unbeknownst to the old couple living there.

It also takes place in 1979.

If you plan to see this movie, I would recommend to stop reading here.

There are spoilers ahead.

From the get-go, the elderly husband does not like the group that comes to rent a house on their farm.

His wife watches from the window as they arrive.

The wife is obsessed with her beauty which is no longer there.

This leads her to see her young self in the final girl Maxine.

The viewer gets the sense that the wife wishes she was young again.

One by one, the couple kills the group that are making the adult film.

However, for some reason they want Maxine alive.

The minute details that are given significance later on in the film is one of the strong points.

It really tests to see if the viewer was paying attention.

The score and cinematography were very beautiful and fitting.

They added the right amount of suspense while also being pleasing to the senses.

There were bits of humor that served as comic relief that did not feel forced or out of place.

And of course, the gore.

The effects were on par with modern horror and had very realistic elements of gore.

Throughout the movie, an old-timey preacher is on TV.

We find out at the end that Maxine is his daughter who “was captured by the demons in the world.”

It still has me reeling and wanting to watch it again with that fact in mind, just to see if I catch onto certain elements.

Overall, it reminded me of “Midsommar” and “Hereditary” with a tinge of Jordan Peele.

However, there were elements that did not hit the mark.

The first scene in the movie sets the audience up to wonder what it is in the basement that is surprising to the officers at the scene.

That first scene takes place 24 hours before the rest of the movie.

Later on, the audience finds out there is a man chained up in the basement.

We can deduce that this man is the missing person on the milk carton, which a character drinks from earlier in the movie.

I do like how they alluded to it earlier in the film.

However they never explained why he is there.

The rest of the bodies are thrown to the alligators, but for some reason he is not.

I really wish it was revealed, because there is not much that lets the viewer figure it out. It is all left up to guess.

In the middle of the film, one of the characters breaks into song.

It just feels too light-hearted and out of place.

Also, the kills were too predictable. There was little to no surprise as to when and how they would happen. Maybe only 2 of them had that “wow factor.”

Overall, I would give the movie an 8 out of 10, mainly for the fact that it has a unique premise.

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