Event teaches students about using safe sex practices

On Feb. 24 the resident assistants (RA’s) of South and Southwest partnered with PHE to put on ‘Sexy Education.’

The program was created to educate students about everything having to do with sex.

Attendees were given free condoms and raffle tickets upon entry.

The raffle tickets could be put in a drawing for a chance to win one of three prize baskets.

The three baskets all included different things.

One with sex products such as condoms, lube and a Kama Sutra book; another with feminine hygiene products; and lastly one with Virginity Rocks merch and a gift card to Lover’s Lane.

Attendees were also encouraged to spin a wheel to guess the price of products.

These products included IUDs, condoms, Plan B, a vasectomy and more.

If guesses were close enough to the actual price, another raffle ticket was rewarded.

“I thought the price guessing activity was cool,” Alayna Houghten, a first year social work student, said. “It was definitely an eye opener on how expensive it is, especially for women.”

After check-in, attendees sat at tables where they could make bracelets and read infographics with safe sex tips.

Some of these tips were when to get tested for STIs, when to get pap smears and how to do self-exams.

The first activity was trivia via Kahoot.

The Kahoot consisted of questions about sex, relationships and sexual health.

The first, second and third place winners were given extra raffle tickets.

This was Isaac Zamora’s, a pre-occupational therapy freshman, favorite part.

“My favorite thing from the event was probably the Kahoot game,” he said. “I learned a lot about STIs, and I feel like the information was very beneficial. My general take away was that wearing protection is very important.”

There were some questions from the trivia game that were eye opening for students.

“I knew mostly everything already, but there were a few things I was surprised about,” Houghten said. “Like the question about how young girls are more likely to normalize abuse toward women.”

Others that were a surprise were that intercourse during pregnancy can cause ectopic pregnancy.

Another fact was that the leading cause of death for 15-19 year old girls was pregnancy complications.

The last event was Sexy Heads Up.

It is similar to Ellen DeGeneres’ game Heads Up.

This is where the person who guesses holds a card to their head and others try to get them to guess what the card says.

Words on the cards consisted of terms pertaining to relationships, sexuality and sexual health.

Those who participated all received a raffle ticket.

After the game, the raffle for the baskets occurred.

As attendees were leaving they were given candy and more condoms.

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