Cats are great. If you don’t think so, you’re wrong.

I love dogs as much as anybody else.

My dog, Boss, is my bubby-boy-angelguy, but I also love cats, and I’m tired of hearing people talk down about them.

If you’re anti-cat, you do not pass the vibe check. I always hear the same excuses around people’s dislike of cats, and, honestly, all the excuses suck.

Cats are sweet, intelligent, loving, playful little creatures and if you don’t see that, the problem is probably you Cats are so friendly and affectionate.

Sure, they’re standoffish at first, but do you go running up to every person you meet trying to give them a hug? No. You’re standoffish too.

Contrary to popular belief, cats want your attention and affection just as much as any other creature, cats just want to get to know you a little bit before they decide that you’re friends.

Spend a day with a cat, any cat, respect their boundaries and make an effort to show them that you’re there to be a friend and I guarantee you that you’ll end up with a little kitty-buddy in the end.

Cats are just as loyal as dogs, you’re just not used to having to put effort into building and maintaining a meaningful relationship with your pets because you get a head start with dogs.

My dearly departed cat would rundownstairs purring to greet me when I would come home. Why? Because she was happy to see me and she knew I would be happy to see her.

Cats match the effort you put into your relationship with them, so if your relationship with a cat sucks, it’s probably your fault.

Cats are active and playful and funny, they don’t just sleep all day. Cats love to play with their people, yes, they nap a lot, but their hunting instincts are fresher than dogs. This means that when they play, they play hard.

Cats love to run and jump and pounce, but most of the time, they need you to initiate it. You can leave chew toys around the house and your golden-doodle will make his time worth it, but you have to get your cat started with their play.

Cats are chronically under-stimulated because people don’t put enough effort into their cats’ play and enrichment, and that is not the cat’s fault.

Kitties have so much personality. My brother’s cat, Pagator, is obsessed with toes for some reason.

Is it weird? Yes. But it’s also the funniest thing. My boyfriend’s cat looks and acts like an 18th century Baron, and my sister’s sphinx cat is the cuddliest little pixie of a lady.

Cats can be trained to do tricks the same as any dog. They’re a little stubborn, but so are most dogs, if we’re being entirely honest.

Cat’s can play fetch, shake hands, and roll over just like dogs if you know how to train them. On top of that, cats can be taught to use the toilet, and that’s pretty impressive, if you ask me.

Cats are little sweetie angel babies and if you have a problem with a little, soft, humming potato creature, I think you need to reassess your life.

Having a problem with one cat is one thing. It’s fine, they are individuals, and personalities can clash sometimes. That doesn’t mean you can judge all cats from that experience.

I am an avid supporter of pit bull dogs because I know that not every pit bull is aggressive, it doesn’t mean that I’ve never come across one that’s snarled, snapped, and lunged at me, it means I recognize that different animals act differently, so take that principal and apply it to cats.

I think that a lot of peoples problems with cats stem from them not knowing how to communicate with cats.

Cats are very expressive, both in their body language and vocal cues. If you don’t know what to look for, it’s easy to miss, but once you know, its super easy to read what your 4-legged-goblinchild is trying to tell you.

If you lock eyes with your cat, don’t just stare them down or look away, hold eye contact, and give them a long, slow blink.

Cats generally use the long blink to show that they’re comfortable around you, it’s a kitty “I love you”. Giving a cat a long blink is like telling them “I’m so happy to see you.”

Cats, like dogs, communicate a lot through scent. The same way that you offer your hand to a dog you just met for sniffing, offer it to a cat. Its like introducing yourself.

Cats also tend to “boop” noses when they see each other, so, with discretion, boop away,. It’s a friendly gesture, and might put the cat at ease.

If you notice a cat has their ears back, their back arched, or their tail puffed up, give them some space.

They’re scared, you would be too if a giant came into your home and started chasing you.

If a kitty rubs up against you, you’ve made a friend for sure. They have little scent glands on their cheeks, and it means they’re “marking” you as theirs.

In general, cats have a bad reputation that they don’t deserve. I think it’s a shame that so many people don’t give themselves the opportunity of making a kitty friend because of that.

I hope that you go out, find a cat, and make friends with it. Everyone deserves to know the cuddly friendship that cats can bring.

Not only are those little chaos pillows intelligent, caring and kind, but they’re overcrowded in shelters across the globe.

Cats are the perfect pet in so many ways. They’re just as playful as dogs, cuddlier than lizards, friendlier than birds, and they bathe themselves.

Cats are also generally cheaper to adopt, eat less, and require less space than dogs, which makes them perfect apartment buddies.

Your cat can keep your home pestfree and full of cuddles. Yes, you have to scoop a cat box, but you have to pick up your dogs poo outside, so its no different.

Cat box odors are easily controlled by frequent litter changes, or different litter types. Pine-pellet litter, for instance, lessens litter dust and odor while also being safe to flush down the toilet.

If you’re considering a pet, I hope that you visit the kitty-corner in your local shelter. I guarantee that you’ll be surrounded by at least half a dozen purring kitties within 5 minutes of walking through the door.

Maybe you wont find your perfect buddy there, but you’ll definitely make a shelter cats day brighter, and you might just make a lifelong friend.

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