Marshall Fredericks Museum hosts two new exhibitions

Visitors admire the artwork on display at the Marshall Fredericks Sculpture Museum. Vanguard Photographer | Ryan Pelletier

The Marshall Fredericks Sculpture museum hosted ‘An Artful Afternoon’ for staff, students, and the general public at 4 p.m. on Jan. 25.

Attendees were offered refreshments and a chance to win one of four $50 prizes in a raffle while they viewed two new exhibitions: “Off Kilter, On Point: Art of the 1960s” from Colorado State University, and “Jacob Lawrence: The Legend of John Brown” from the Mott-Warsh Collection in Flint.

“Off Kilter, On Point” includes pieces such as screen prints and a Campbell’s soup can dress by Andy Warhol as well as an experimental kinetic sculpture by Takis and other innovative pieces of the time.

“Jacob Lawerence: the legend of John Brown” consists of 22 graphic novel-style screen prints by African American artist Jacob Lawerence on the life of abolitionist John Brown.

“Jacob Lawerence: the legend of John Brown” is also part of the Museum’s upcoming African-American History Month celebration, which is set to include a concert reception by Monique Ella Rose on the evening of Thursday, Feb. 2

Brianna Miller, a sophomore rehabilitation medication major at SVSU, spoke about her experience at the event:

“I really enjoy looking at the art here. I haven’t gone much in the past, but it’s nice to see something new every once in a while,” Miller said. “I saw something in my email about this and I thought ‘Well, I don’t have class then, and I don’t have work then. I’ll go.’”

Sam Gurung, an exchange student who is a business major at SVSU, also gave his input on the event:

“Compared to my home country, it is very new to have a museum as part of the school. I think it’s really cool, and I like it a lot,” Gurung said.

Miller also commented on her favorite piece between the exhibitions, “Everyday Irreality” by Agathe Sorel in the “Off Kilter, On Point” Collection.

“It’s my favorite here. It’s kind of strange but I feel like it tells a story. It’s devoid of color, but it has these two little foil pieces, like mirrors,” Miller explained. “I don’t know what it represents, but I like it. I think it stands out”

The Marshall Fredericks Sculpture Museum will be hosting “Off Kilter, On Point” until May 27, and “Jacob Lawrence: the Legend of John Brown” until April 29th.

Both Exhibitions are free for public viewing during regular museum hours. The exhibitions can also be viewed virtually at

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