Everyone should know how to cook for themselves

I love my older brothers. I’ve always looked up to them, but there’s one thing that makes me concerned- They don’t cook.

Everyone has different skills, and thats okay, but when a 23-year-old man wakes you up at 2 a.m. to make him instant ramen, it makes you worry

To be fair, they can cook a bit, Kyle especially, but Ryan went to college only knowing how to fry an egg.

I think it’s a skill that fulfills more than your need for energy. It also gives you a sense of pride, achievement, and selfworth.

Collin doesn’t cook much, but when he does, he gets so excited for what he’s doing, and he puts so much care and effort into it.

I know it’s a stereotype that men can’t cook, and I’m trying to avoid that. But we live in a culture where men aren’t expected to cook for themselves.

I learned to cook when I was 8 years old because my parents divorced and my dad couldn’t cook to save his life (we have a bowl from all those years ago with pea soup still crusted onto it, we can’t get it to come off)

It’s not just guys who struggle in the kitchen. One of my roommates last year came to school not quite knowing how to cook an egg. She’s smart, and she’s since learned to cook amazing meals, but it wasn’t something she had to do before.

Everyone comes from different backgrounds, and has had different experiences, and thats okay. Nobody should be shamed for what skills they do or don’t have.

I just think that we need to push for change and make learning to cook as fundamental as learning to tie your shoes.

Knowing to cook is more than knowing how to make food hot, it’s a necessity, despite the availability of pre-made or fast food.

Everyone has a kitchen in their dorm, and everyone has the capacity to learn, so Skype your grandma and ask her to teach you how to make cookies.

You deserve to be able to provide for yourself and cook your own meals. It’s a rewarding experience in so many ways, so go grab a frying pan and try not to give yourself salmonella poisoning. I believe in you.

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