Street Fest returns to campus after a six–year break

Students enjoy free rides, games, and events at Street Fest 2022. This is the first time students were able to enjoy the event since 2016. Vanguard Photographer | Ryan Pelletier

SVSU hosted its Streetfest April 8-9, giving the community a chance to have fun and enjoy the warming spring weather.

The event, which was hosted in collaboration between Student Life, Program Board, and Valley Nights, spanned two days in parking lots D and E, next to the Ryder Center.

Streetfest, which opened exclusively to students Friday and the general public Saturday, offered fair-goers the chance to win prizes, take part in various rides and games, and enjoy multiple food trucks.

Olivia Getzinger, a biochemistry senior and the executive senior event planner for Program Board, gave some input on what led up to the event.

“This event has been in planning since October 2021,” she said “There haven’t been too many large hurdles along the way, just small ones that were easily overcome with the help from my team in Student Life, Program Board, and Valley Nights.”

Specific attractions included a petting zoo, archery tag, and a Ferris wheel. The event was further incentivized by the first 1,000 students who attended receiving $10 in food truck vouchers.

Paige Dejohn, a computer science junior, weighed in on her experience at Streetfest.

“I was really excited for the rides,” Dejohn stated. “It’s been along time since I’d been able to go on one.”

Dejohn commented on how long she’s been looking forward to the fair.

“I heard about it a couple weeks ago, and I thought ‘that sounds fun,’” she explained. “I’ve been having a bit of a hard time lately and I just felt like ‘you gotta get up, you gotta get out and do something’ and this is such a big event to do that. I’m really glad I got to be there and got to experience some of it.”

Getzinger also shared her optimism for the event.

“This Streetfest is bigger and better than any year previously,” she said “I was most looking forward to enjoying all of the attractions with my fellow Cardinals.”

Dejohn shared her hopes for other students in attendance.

“I hope everyone had fun and if you had a bad day, a bad week, anything, you got to have a good time here,” she said. “Even though it was a bit of a cloudy, dreary day I was happy looking around and seeing everyone else be happy.”

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