Coop’s birthday celebration brings students together

SVSU mascots Coop and Scarlet wave to all the students attending Coop’s birthday celebration in the TSAR on Feb. 17. Vanguard Photographer | Justin Kruskie

On Feb. 17, Forever Red hosted Coop’s birthday in the TSAR. There was a variety of performances and contests.

Coop, Scarlet and Sammy, the mascot for the Saginaw Spirit Hockey Team, were there to celebrate with students and the community.

The party kicked off with a singing performance from the International Student Club.

Next, there was a limbo contest.

Many people competed, but Yolhie Monchery, an international law senior, won a fuzzy blanket.

The Hip Hop Club performed a dance number, and the International Student Club did a drum performance before the next contest occurred.

There was also a piñata as well as the events. Participants lined up to smash the piñata, with Sammy the Eagle going first.

Sammy broke the piñata in one hit, and students scrambled to grab candy.

Coop’s Cakewalk Contest took place, where students claimed numbers in a musical-chairs fashion.

Numbers were called out one by one, and whoever was on the number called, was eliminated.

Dylan Murphy, a mechanical engineering freshman, was the last man standing and won a pair of Beats headphones.

Students celebrate Coop’s birthday. Vanguard Photographer | Justin Kruskie

The trivia contest was a Kahoot, where anyone who wanted could compete for the top spot by answering questions about SVSU.

Hip Hop Club performed again, and then the Musical Chairs Contest took place.

Starting with about 40 competitors, having to do things such as skip, dance, and power-walk during music, there was a race to get to available chairs.

About the last 10 people left won cupcakes when they were eliminated.

Performances from the SVSU Pep Band, Hip Hop Club and Cardinal Grace led up to the final, and most awaited contest.

The Saran Wrap Prize Contest, with over $200 worth of prizes wrapped in the ball, attracted many competitors.

Prizes included Amazon gift cards, Squishmallows, candy and more.

Cardinal Rhythm performed, and then the birthday party ended with a Dance Party.

Emily Schueren, a social work senior and member of Forever Red, was at the event.

“My favorite events were the Hip Hop Club and Pep Band Performances, however I do wish there were more cupcakes,” she said.

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