Alumni speak at 5 under 5 panel

SVSU’s Forever Red organization hosted a 5 under 5 panel of recently graduated alumni on Tuesday.

The event offered alumni who graduated within the past five years a chance to speak to students about their time at SVSU.

The speakers included Vanessa Swain and Danny Newton, who went on to pursue work in the engineering field, as well as Amber Hadley, who is currently an admissions representative at SVSU.

The speakers encouraged the students in attendance to branch out into the cardinal community in joining RSO’s and getting active in volunteer opportunities.

They drew parallels between doing so and gaining valuable experience in networking, personal research and other marketable skills.

The speakers were also adamant on how positive the social aspects of on-campus participation are later in life. Each speaker shared a personal story as to how the relationships they formed in their time at SVSU carried with them into their current lives.

Public health junior Macy Docken, Forever Red’s Vice President of Enhance, elaborated on Forever Red’s hopes for the event and others like it.

“I’m hoping that students can benefit from the alumni experience not only in ways which affect their future careers, but also in ways that build student connection and friendships,” Docken said.

Docken touched on the ways that the event tied into the heart of Forever Red.

“It’s a very accepting club,” Docken said. “I encourage people to attend events like this for the positive benefits that it can bring to their college experience that they can take with them further in life.”

Following the questions which Forever Red prepared for the event, the floor was opened to questions from students in attendance.

Docken weighed in on the technical aspects of organizing such an involved event, stating the organization’s challenges in setting up the event.

“I think that marketing, with everything that goes on at campus, is very difficult,” she said. “I would say that we have a lot of events that are open to students and connect them to their future career, and I would really love to see it reach more students.”

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