Positivity for mental health

It seems that many of us are beginning to feel the effect of the beginning of the Michigan winters, sleeping more than usual, and other issues when it comes to this time in the fall season.

One thing that I usually try to do is often try to do something positive for someone else once a day. On the surface, to some it may seem counterproductive if you look at it on a surface level, but there are a few reasons why I say this.

First, often, seeing other people smile and feel positive from your actions can feel good. Whether it be a compliment, holding open the door for someone, or even just smiling at someone in the hallway, these things are helpful and help create the atmosphere that we’re a community– especially here at SVSU– and not just putting ourselves first.

Second, if others begin to do the same, often, it will lead people who receive the positivity in the first place to also do the same.

These things can start a chain reaction in some instances, and can even start new friendships, if given the chance. Even then, being able to help other students, professors, and other community members also gives a new connected feeling to many within our community.

I often notice that many of us are often on our phones, focused on other things, or even could be stressing out instead of being connected with the present.

Though it’s understandable that many of us struggle to be able to even greet each other on occasion these days, it’s simple things like that that might make someone’s day a whole lot brighter.

Sometimes, doing favors for other people around you, unprompted, knowing that it just might help someone have a better day than they were having before can just be enough to get by.

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