Dine and Connect brings students and employers together

Career services hosts events for all students to attend on campus in hopes of improv­ing their future job prospects by building skills and networking to get ahead in the job market.

Lizzi Hubble-Radosa, Assistant Director of Career Services and SVSU Alum spoke out about the recent Dine and Connect campus event.

“Dine and Connect is a network­ing opportunity for students to learn about proper dining and general business etiquette which they can use as they continue to grow in their careers.” She said “After a short pre­sentation on business etiquette, they are able to apply these skills learned by networking with our group of Employer Partners.

Hubble-Radosa elaborated on the events importance to students.

“We had 8 companies in atten­dance, and grouped students based on their majors and the employer’s industry so they were able to speak with professionals in fields that they themselves may be seeking one day.” She said “The Office of Career Ser­vices hosted this event after receiv­ing feedback from students that they really wanted an event like this.”

When asked about the reasons for hosting the event, Hubble-Radosa mentioned,

“[We hope] to provide students with the necessary skills to not only present themselves professionally but to also show the value of edu­cation and knowledge that students receive here at SVSU as they net­work with people in the communi­ty.” She continued, stating “We want students to feel comfortable in any networking situation, so whether it’s networking at a chamber event, or going to dinner with the CEO of their company they gain skills on how to present themselves in all sce­narios.”

Career services provides a wide array of opportunities and resources to students, as Hubble-Radosa ex­plained

“Prior to the event, we [also] did have quite a few students who scheduled appointments to review their resumes to ensure they had a polished copy to give to any em­ployers who may be seeking it.” She said “Students also prepared by visiting the Cardinal Closet and getting professional business attire to wear at the event. The event itself is a learning opportunity so outside of preparing your outfit and resume, there is no additional preparation the rest is done at the event.”

The event had fifty students and sixteen employers, and is planned to be hosted annually. Those interested in more events by Career Services, they can check their website:

svsu.edu/careerservices, follow Career Services on Facebook or In­stagram, or check for Career Ser­vices on handshake. Students may also visit their office, located on the second floor of Wickes Hall, room number 270, and can email them at careers@SVSU.edu

The delicious dessert set-up for the event – Chocolate Mousse & Strawberry Shortcake from Dining Services. Vanguard Photographer | Evan Turk

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