Better study spaces on campus are needed

 Professors expect only the best from their students, yet everyone is forced to sit in uncomfortable and stuffy, hot study spaces with bad lighting to get their homework done.

Studying at a coffee shop has the perfect environment to group study with calming music, nice lighting, and beautiful interior decorations to not feel miserable while completing hours of homework. The good vibes of a coffee shop trick students into thinking it’s fun having a study date with friends.

There is not a single spot on campus that reflects that of a cozy coffee shop. Even the Starbucks seating isn’t even close due to the amount of traffic going through to order. Cozier study spots on campus are a must.

The study spaces on campus have nothing to give. The options include: all four floors of the library, the Cardinal Commons, side lounges, outdoor patios, and a bunch of other random spots with tables scattered across campus.

The study rooms do provide nice privacy to get some work done, but they’re a headache. They’re a headache to book, and they cause headaches because of the ugly overhead lighting.

Occasionally, a desk at the library has table lamps to provide extra lighting— why aren’t those installed in the study rooms? It would provide the ambiance I’m looking for when studying.

Not to mention, the building is hot. As soon as anyone steps inside wearing their winter coat and gloves, the heat suffocates. To some degree, the building temperatures should reflect the outside; after all, we dress for the outside weather.

Also, the library simply doesn’t have enough spaces for everyone during finals season. Going up and down every level with a heavy backpack on, desperately searching for a place to study while overheating is not fun. It’s imploring to just stay inside in the dorm to study, but distractions make this option impossible.

Understandably, SVSU is a small school so there is no need for a second library; however, updates to the existing one should happen. Including more LEDs like the blue lighting on the third floor, more table lamps that provide sufficient lighting, and more seating.

It’s not only the library that needs improvement, but anywhere on campus. There should be more cozy corners to study in. For example, the corner lounges are so boring. Those places of all places on campus have the potential to be something great with the natural lighting coming from the windows, but they’re bland. There should be lamps, wall art and fake greenery to appease the eye and encourage students to stay seated and study.

Now, as for the outdoor patios, those need major renovations. There are wasps everywhere during the summer. There are hardly any outlets to charge a laptop.

The shade is abysmal. There should be a large canopy area somewhere on campus to study, or even a spot that’s heated during the winter. A fancy heated patio would be cool, but if not that, a heated bubble (called an Igloo) that can be booked like the study rooms would be a cool option.

Many options exist to improve the study spots on campus to encourage long and successful study sessions. Feel free to explore options off-campus for optimal studying areas like local coffee shops, Barnes and Noble and more.

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