Review: Loki brings another great season to TV

 Trust that Loki, the God of Mischief, never disappoints. He comes back from the grave time and time again stronger than before, and it appears his show is the same way.

It’s no secret that Marvel has been struggling to keep audiences captivated with all of their new content spread across platforms like theaters and Disney+. It’s giving Marvel fatigue, if you will. Even I, a hardcore Marvel fan since “Iron Man,” struggle to keep up with the new content. Yet, this new episode of “Loki” titled Ouroboros has me thrilled for the future.

To begin, the biggest standout of the show (aside from the great performances) is the instrumental score. It ups the intensity of the show in the best way. Natalie Holt, the composer, deserves her flowers for this one as I got an immediate surge of nostalgia when hearing the theme for the first time again in two years. It’s truly incredible how the score can raise the stakes and keep you captivated from the moment the show starts.

Not only does the score keep your attention, but the actors force you to stay glued to the screen from start to finish. The raw emotion emitted from star Tom Hiddleston and Mobius actor Owen Wilson leave an emotional impact on everyone who sees the show. It really feels like they worry for and care for each other deeply, and you can’t help but invest in their relationship at the start of the season.

It’s amazing how the show perfectly balanced that raw emotion with perfectly witty humor. Part of this is due to the amazing performances, but also the writers. The genuine laughter this episode called for was very unexpected with the intensity of the show, and it was such a refreshing experience after struggling through the start of the semester.

As mentioned earlier, there was a very intense aspect to the episode. It was without a doubt the perfect continuation of the first season’s finale. It felt like a jump right into the action with no explanation and no build up. The pacing was perfect as the intensity continued throughout the entire episode.

With that being said, some might argue it’s a confusing episode. I definitely suggest rewatching the first season before jumping right into the action or at least watching a more detailed recap. Even though the last episode came out two years ago, the writers expect you to keep up.

Another thing to look forward to about the season is the new characters. This first episode already introduced an amazing character to the Time Variance Authority (TVA) that had amazing comedic timing from Academy Award Winner Ke Huy Quan.

Apart from the actors’ performances, the work behind the scenes shows through incredibly; the cinematography of the show feels like that of a blockbuster. The slow-motion running, the score, the CGI and the slow-panned camera movements are all elements of great cinematography, and “Loki” has it all.

The screenwriters have their work cut out for them as the first episode sets up the huge danger they’re in brilliantly. The tone suggests a line-up of intense and exciting episodes to come, and the writing already takes turns I wasn’t expecting.

The future of this show is looking very bright as it already outdoes the first season in just one episode by invoking tears, laughter and curiosity all at once.

I rate “Loki” a five out of five stars.

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