People need to stop getting me sick or I’m done

 People should stop getting me sick. People should stop getting anyone sick. In the past week, I’ve seen more cases of Strep Throat than I did in Elementary School.

Post-Covid, I’m shocked to see sicknesses spreading at all. With everyone hand-sanitizing, washing hands and wearing masks, I thought society mastered the art of containing illnesses. Actually, that’s going way too far since Covid was hardly slowed down, but I thought we at least developed good habits. I was wrong.

First of all, we stopped wearing masks, which is understandable. No one truly enjoyed wearing fabric that covered their pretty faces, but when did masks feel completely unacceptable?

It’s time to use masks when necessary; everyone will be thankful for it when it stops a cold from spreading.

Also, as the weather turns colder and the germs are spreading faster, it’s time to gatekeep your drinks and quit sharing. It’s for the safety of all people involved.

Quit going to class if you’re not feeling well. After the pandemic, professors should understand. Use the legitimate excuse of being sick to your advantage and simply relax. Take time to recover instead of sniffling and coughing the entirety of a class period.

If it’s possible, head to the doctors and get a doctor’s note—even if it’s a cold. Cold’s seemingly last forever, so it’s good to get a doctor’s note to get proof for your professors.

That way, you’ll have all the time to catch up on work you missed and feel well-equipped for class.

While sharing a dorm with peers, do everything possible to contain germs to one corner of the room. Have disinfectant wipes at the ready, even before one falls ill. Be prepared to wipe down shared spaces to stop the spread.

Any sickness can be potentially catastrophic for a college student. Most students rely on making it to their scheduled shifts for money.

Any missed paychecks can mean missed meals for students. It is vital to be aware of the impact of careless spreading of germs when there are things that can be done to prevent infections.

Not to mention, missing classes is a huge gamble for a student’s GPA. A week gone could mean an exam missed or vital class instruction missed.

Of course, colds and sicknesses are a fact of life. However, any life saved from the wretched cough is a job well done.

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