The Ryder Center should be open earlier for students

Less people should be at the gym when I go.

Let me explain: a crowded gym is no fun for anybody. It leads to the extinction of personal space, wasted time standing around for machines and awkward interactions; overall, it creates an uncomfortable workout.

The gym is meant to be a safe space to work on yourself and free your mind of the stress of day-to-day life. It is not meant to be a battle zone for equipment, so the Ryder center should extend its hours further to accommodate more people.

The fitness center at SVSU is a great tool on campus; it provides free memberships to students, and it has a wide variety of good gym equipment for strength training. However, its hours have been very limited up until this year.

Lat year, the gym typically closed around 10 p.m. Now, it stays open until midnight most of the week.

This is a great improvement as it allows students to workout on their own schedule even if the only time they can go is late into the night. Even though this is a good improvement, it still opens at 6:30 a.m. —which is not ideal.

An earlier opening would be more ideal because 5 a.m. gym people do exist. They may be harder to find in college, but they do exist nonetheless. The fitness center should open an hour and a half earlier than they do to accommodate people who are trying to improve their life.

Also, college is the time for students to figure out what lifestyle does and doesn’t work for them. Students should be able to try an early morning workout even if it is once a year; they might find they like having the extra time in the day to relax.

Some people have 8:30 classes and can’t finish a gym session when they start at 6:30. Even being open a half an hour sooner would help the people who like to start their day with a workout and follow it with a relaxing morning routine.

As stated earlier, a busy gym is no fun, and I prefer working out when there are less people around. Extending hours in the morning would diffuse the traffic at the gym, so the early risers can truly be early risers and go before the athletes get there.

Of course, the gym opening sooner would require student employees to wake up sooner. Less sleep for them may hurt their academics or make them quit the job. However, more than enough students would be willing to get more hours for more money. College is a tough time financially, and extending hours for the gym would provide more opportunities for jobs on campus.

College tuition is expensive, so is it hard to say the students deserve the best resources and accommodations for their money? The fitness center should be able to accommodate many students and many schedules for the money it takes to be at this school.

Starting the day early is a great habit for young adults to form. It allows for a productive day for students to go to class, get their homework done, go to work and relax.

There is a lot on a college student’s plate already, but many still prioritize their fitness and health amidst the college grind. It is only possible for them to meet these goals with extended hours at a quiet and peaceful gym.

she can have something to brag to her friends about.

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