Women’s basketball loses to Parkside, 75-65

On Feb. 25, the women’s basketball team played its last game of the season against Wisconsin-Parkside University, losing 75-65.

The game began slowly as they fell behind 8-0. A free throw by senior Tori DePerry started the scoring, and freshman Lauren Sollom followed with a layup beginning a 6-2 run.

Before senior Tyler Scheid scored, Parkside was on a 9-3 run. Then, freshman Lydia Meredith was set up to score by senior Jessica Massey before the buzzer.

The Cardinals were behind by five at the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter began with a score by freshman Emma Dziezgowsky, shortening Parkside’s lead by three. The Rangers then responded with two scores, followed by a 10-1 run by SVSU, which ended with a free throw by Meredith and a lead for the Cardinals.

Before the end of the second quarter, the two teams went back and forth with scores until senior Kaitlyn Zarycki made the last score. The Cardinals were down by three.

The Rangers wasted no time in getting a bigger lead as the third quarter began with an 8-0 run. Deperry scored and then Sollom scored, leading an 8-2 run for SVSU which ended the quarter.

Zarycki began the final quarter with two free throws. With six points between the two teams, the Cardinals were stuck behind the Rangers. The Rangers then made their final push before the buzzer sounded.

With this final game before the first round of playoffs on March .1, SVSU is in fourth place in the Great Lakes Athletic Conference.

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