Police Briefs


On Nov. 2, officers met with an SVSU resident student in the SVSU Police interview room. The student was reporting they were the victim of “sextortion.” The student was intoxicated and stated they may have sent nude photos to a person they did not know. The suspect demanded money, or they would show everyone on the student’s Instagram the nude photos. The victim sent the suspect $500 in gift cards and pre-paid Visa cards before they reported the crime to the police. The student was advised to block and continue blocking the suspect from Instagram and Snapchat.

Online extortion

On Oct. 15, officers spoke with an SVSU resident student regarding an attempted fraud report. The student stated they received a message from a female they had been speaking to online threatening to release private photographs of them unless they sent $200. The student did not send any money but wanted the incident documented in case there were any issues going forward.

Suspicious males

On Nov. 7, officers spoke with an SVSU resident student employee who stated they were working at Founders Hall on Saturday. Between weddings, two males started acting suspiciously around Founders Hall. The males would circle Founders Hall, try to open locked doors, take pictures of Founders Hall, and ask the employees questions about the history of Founders Hall. The employee stated the males never communicated with each other and they stayed on opposite ends of the building. The males never did anything criminal but thought the behavior was suspicious.

Deer in headlights

On Nov. 7, officers took a car vs deer report from a non-student. The incident occurred near the 7600 block of Davis Road. Nobody was injured in the accident.

Towed Vehicle

On Nov. 8, officers were dispatched to respond to parking lot J-3 regarding a vehicle impound due to unpaid parking tickets. The vehicle was then taken by Kreager’s Towing to their tow yard.

Stranger in dorm

On Nov. 9, officers were dispatched by Saginaw County Central Dispatch to Living Center Southwest (LCSW) for a resident student who stated there was an unknown subject in their room refusing to leave. Officers spoke with the resident who explained it was a misunderstanding and everything was OK.

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