RSOs collaborate for women’s history trivia night

On Nov. 9 Women’s History Kahoot Night was hosted through a collaboration between the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, Femxle Empowerment & Multicultural Education (F.E.M.E) and Saginaw Valley State University’s Student Association.

The event lasted an hour and a half in the Alumni Lounge, and was open for all students of any gender, background, or affiliation to attend.

Over 20 attendees competed in the trivia competition consisting of more than 50 questions which were intended to provide a fun and engaging way to educate and empower students.

The Kahoot asked a variety of questions about society, women’s rights, famous and diverse women in history, and significant events regarding womens achievements.

The top three winners of the Kahoot won prizes in addition to a raffle drawing for all participants at the event.

A student worker for the Multicultural Student Center, second year communications major Kennedy Ridgeway, hoped this event would be educational for all in attendance.

“[The event] was for students to learn more about women’s history as well as the unsung heroes of the equality movement,” she said. “A lot of people just know the big names.”

Ridgeway explained the collaboration between the three groups to make the night possible.

“Everybody from the groups sent separate questions to contribute to the Kahoot,” she said. “Each group talked individually about the questions before putting [the Kahoot] together.”

Vice President of F.E.M.E, fourth year elementary education major Jessica Davis, said the RSO was happy to have the opportunity to educate people on women’s history.

Davis said F.E.M.E. contributed around half of the questions through working in committees to create educational questions.

“In F.E.M.E each eBoard member has a committee with other general members in it,” she said. “My committee is 3 people and we all got together and made questions.”

Davis was satisfied overall with the outcome of the event.

“We were able to get a lot of questions in the Kahoot and I definitely learned a lot from the event outside of the questions that we provided.”

An attendee of the event, fourth year graphic design major Corena Kalinin, attended the event because of her love for trivia, but also, to learn more about women’s history.

Kalinin said she learned a great deal from the event. Kalinin emphasized her happiness with the amount of diversity incorporated into the questions.

“I really enjoyed hearing more about women of different intersections,” she said. “That’s not usually covered
because the women’s history that is primarily talked about is involving white women, so hearing about women of color was really cool.”

At the conclusion of the event attendees agreed that they learned a lot about women’s history they were previously unaware of.

“There is a lot to learn about women’s history,” Davis said. “While we think that we might know a lot, there is always more to learn and grow from.”

F.E.M.E, a group dedicated to the empowerment and education of all women, holds “Wonderful Womxn Wednesday” on their social media accounts to help continue to spread recognition of important women in history.

Their next event is a fundraiser on Nov. 28 located outside of the Zahnow library.

They will be selling stickers based around empowerment and inclusivity.

For more information on F.E.M.E, you can contact the group via their email:

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