It’s important to choose good friendships

It’s vital to be picky when choosing who to spend your time with.

So many people settle for mediocre or harmful friendships because they fear the alternative: loneliness.

However, unfulfilling friendships can be far more isolating in some circumstances.

It’s cool to have a lot of friends. It’s cool to be popular but to just accept anyone into your life to feel validation is a dangerous game; some people turn out to be not worth it.

Juggling multiple friendships can be difficult and lead to surfacelevel friendships. It’s much easier to balance fewer relationships and create stronger bonds because of it.

Let’s say one or two friends can’t hang out because of homework. You wish you had more friends to hang out with, but loneliness and boredom are two different things.

You may feel the need to accept random people into your life because you want something to do every Friday night, but it’s ok to feel bored every now and then. Boredom leads to more self-discovery anyway, everything will work out.

Selecting the wrong friends can be a fatal mistake for your mental health. Some people are draining to be around, take jabs at your confidence, or their personality just doesn’t blend well with yours, and that’s ok.

Never let people walk all over you and never settle for harmful friendships. Walking away from friendships can be difficult, but sometimes it’s necessary to protect your peace.

On the flip side of that coin, the right friendships can make you feel happy and confident. Through conversations, friends will support you through thick and thin. They will let you rant, support your decisions,
and give helpful advice.

Romantic love isn’t the only companionship people need. Family love, community love, and friendship love are vital for everyone.

Be friends with people you really love and people you really have a connection with.

If that bond isn’t there or it doesn’t feel like it’s ever going to get there because they’re cold or they’re simply not compatible, then reevaluate the value of that friendship.

You are who your friends with so surround yourself with the people you want to become. Be with people you share common traits and common values with.

The wrong friends can easily influence you to go down the path you wouldn’t normally have chosen for yourself.

On the other hand, the right people can push you to take the higher road.

Not everyone will stay in your life forever. In fact, most people will only be involved in only a short time of your life, and that’s normal.

Life is always evolving and changing, and people will come and go over time. It’s perfectly normal to organically separate from old friends.

It’s even an opportunity to open your heart to new friendships which is healthy- as long as they’re the right people for you.

Bottom line is your friends are important people in your life, and you have the power to choose them.

Fill your life with positive people and walk away from those who aren’t worth it.

Other people will come into your life over time, so there’s no sense in holding on to someone who brings you down. What’s most important is that you and your friends build each other up, not tear each other down.

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