Too many put others down to gain power for themselves

The desire for social acceptance has many potentials to be constructive, but also to be restrictive in many ways.

While it is good to belong to a social group, be it a family, friend circle, or even a workplace dynamic, the desire to be accepted often coincides with the idea of holding power.

This is something which is not new to many, and while some get to have the experience of living freely among friends, associates, and family this is not the case for the rest of us.

Mentalities and ideologies on power, social conduct and life choices find their roots deep in the beginnings of human society, mainly evolving through the countless historical changes in economics and politics.

Throughout history, it has not been an uncommon event to capitalize on changing circumstances in order to higher one’s position.

Events of great change are the sources of opportunity for those seeking power and wealth, whether they be giant corporations in the modern age , or aristocrats in medieval times.

People who seek power will do so regardless of the system and ideologies on power put in place.

However, seeking power is not just restricted to small scale circles, such as a promotion at work..

In fact, it can ofteen be seen in larger realms such as political spheres, and is deeply tied into the culture and perspectives held by the regions in which power is sought.

But how is this power gained?

When people put others down to try and create power for themselves, it can be subtle or it can be outright in many ways.

It is in the creation of narratives, the new from the old, which begins the change in mentalities and ideologies.

One way this is done which has contributed social isolation is by reaffirming certain behaviors through media, advertisement, and political campaigning while renouncing other ones in order to create a division between groups.

This act creates beliefs in our society which claim various differences in people as being detrimental in any way which can be conceived.

This phenomenon not only lowers how much empathy and respect people have for each other in their own generation, but also across all ages.

Thus, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for misunderstanding and the success of manipulative misinformation.

For example, to some, the expression and maturation of emotional cognizance is deemed as over-thinking and weak, and perceived as producing people who take unnecessary actions and ideas in life that result in dangers to simplicity and straightforwardness.

Another example, people who are the most different to others are perceived in the some places as the main contributor for acts of violence dealt against groups of people.

These two examples share one thing in common: they are impressions formed originally through satire, scapegoating and blame by those who were attempting to hold power and control.

It is because of these two examples, and many more, that many people take up norms which are not only harmful to others but also to themselves.

Doing this causes your own inner issues to become denser and denser while forcing others remain in a marginalized social life. It creates a world in which nobody is free to be expressive or empathetic.

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