Student Association holds faculty Q&A forum

On Nov. 4 Saginaw Valley State University’s student government platform held a Q and A styled forum with panelists from both Student Association and Faculty.

This event took place in the Thompson Student Activity Room from 4-5pm. In order to boost student involvement, all who attended were entered into a President’s Raffle.

The purpose of this event was solely student-focused and highlighted how important the student to faculty relationship is.

The students and staff covered a wide range of topics–from the student experience all the way to teacher reviews and academic dishonesty.

The conversation was beneficial, respectful, and easy to follow.

Austin Urlaub, student association president and third year social work major, attended the event.

“The student association faculty forum covered important topics to our students and faculty surrounding relations between the two groups and academic policies,” he said. “The information gained from the panelists was insightful and will be vital moving forward for the students association as we now have a better grasp of student opinions and can better advocate for them.”

Urlaub also commented on the need for more events like this in the future and where to get the latest updates.

“The forum was only an hour long so there are still several topics to cover and voices to be heard meaning we will be hosting more of these events in the future. Follow @svsu_sa on Instagram for relevant information and updates.”

Vincent Ford, third year proffesional and technical writing major, also attended the event.

“In the forum for both the student and faculty association, I honestly was even able to learn a little bit more myself about what staff may face from some of our fantastic professions and other teaching staff, with the various topics we had spoken about together,” he said. “Along with this, we were able to hear from other staff and students regarding concerns ranging from teaching evaluations to academic honesty and proves the need for more open communication between parties like this.”

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