K-12 needed to teach us better writing and grammar

I often write alongside friends and classmates when completing homework, and it has become apparent to me that there is a large amount of confusion over proper punctuation, grammar and writing rules in general.

For example, I have had many conversations with friends about how placing a comma correctly in a sentence can sometimes be a guessing game.

As students in college, the past 13 years of education should have equipped us with adequate writing skills. Therefore, high schools need to teach students more in-depth and detailed writing skills.

It may sound silly to propose that a senior in high school needs to be taught where to place a comma in a sentence or how to use a semicolon properly, however, basic punctuation skills can improve students
writing largely, and a lot of students go to college without knowing how to do these things properly.

Furthermore, writing does not stop at the academic setting. Writing is something that almost all people will apply to their careers and professional life.

A person who works at a mental health facility may have to fill out a report/ summarization of a meeting with a client.

A person who works in a non-profit may find themselves filling out a grant application which will ultimately determine if their place of employment gains enough money to serve the community.

A person who works in marketing may need to create a flyer, a brochure, or a simple Instagram post. In a world where communication through social media is becoming normalized, online advertising is becoming increasingly popular.

To add to that, most people must go through a hiring process to get those jobs.

As most of us are aware, resumes and cover letters are important components of applying for a job, and being able to show off past experiences and achievements in a clear, concise and effective way through writing may determine whether a prospective employer is impressed or not.

Personally, I wish I was taught how to create a resume or a cover letter in high school. This is something that could benefit anyone tremendously, whether they are entering college or the workforce after high school.

One may argue that writing tools such as Grammarly can help people to write properly, and this is true. Grammarly can be a great tool to double check work in an academic and professional setting, when used properly.

If one uses Grammarly to double check their work, it can be extremely helpful. When one becomes reliant on it, however, to apply proper punctuation and writing skills, the individual never truly learns how to write without it.

Good writing skills, without being dependent on online tools or others, will benefit one majorly not only in an academic setting but in a professional setting as well.

High schools need to put an emphasis on developing decent writing skills.

With that, I’d like to end on an influential note, by referring to the well-known example.

Just a reminder to all that commas can save lives.

Let’s eat grandma!

Let’s eat, grandma!

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