Police Briefs

Unsolicited knocking

On Oct. 4, campus police officers spoke with SVSU resident students in University Village regarding a suspicious person. They stated there was an elderly male wearing a jacket and a flannel shirt carrying a clipboard knocking on their door. The male kept persistently knocking on the door, the residents spoke with the male who advised he was gathering census information.

On Oct. 7, officers spoke with two resident students at the University Police Department regarding a group of males banging on their dorm room door in MJB. The group of males were visitors of another student but were not able to be located.

Vehicle damage

On Oct. 4, officers responded to parking lot J-2 regarding a student’s vehicle being damaged. The commuter student stated their vehicle may have been damaged while they were working on campus. No suspect was located.

Stolen sign

On Oct. 5, officers took a larceny of a sign report from an SVSU employee in parking lot J-4. Upon investigation the sign appeared to be removed from the ground and not stolen.

Suspicious situation

On Oct. 7, officers spoke with two SVSU resident students in University Village regarding a suspicious situation. The residents advised the last person went to bed at approximately 1 a.m. and the front door was found wide open at approximately 8:30 a.m.. The residents advised the front door and black slider were both locked when they went to bed. There was no damage to the apartment and nothing missing. This case is under investigation.

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