Volleyball suffers two defeats against conference oppenents

Another intense weekend for Cardinal volleyball ensued after a tough loss against the Michigan Tech Huskies this past weekend on Oct. 7. This game took place in SVSU territory in Hamilton Gymnasium. The final matches ended at 25-23, 25-21, 19-25, and 25-21.

This game ended especially intensely in a 9-9 overall season for the Cardinals– this tied them up with the Huskies 5-5 in the GLIAC.

SVSU hustled in the first set to catch up on a 5-point lead held by Tech. This set continued in an intense back and forth manner that set the Cardinals up for a 21-20 lead towards the end of the set.

The Huskies then fought and gained three points to total the score to 23-21–the Cardinals then tied it up again at 23-23.

The Huskies quickly bounced back and secured the last two points to win the first match.

The Cardinals approached the second set with renewed vigor and took the lead 10-5 mid set. Tech, once again, regained their footing and took back the lead 14-12.

This alternating back and forth gameplay continued until Michigan Tech pulled out the last couple of points to secure its second set win. Despite this, the Cardinals managed to pull it together to score 25-19 in the third set, which allowed the team to play a fourth match.

For the first 15 points, the two teams battled within a 2-3 point lead on one another that could not seem to break; that is, until Michigan Tech took a 6 point lead at 21-14.

This left the Cardinals discouraged but also vigilant as it fought to gain some points back before the end of the match. The Huskies finished it off at 25-21.

Rylee Zimmer led the Cardinals with 15 kills, 11 digs, and 4 blocks. Peyton Gerstacker had a whopping 41 assists, and Kelsey Vittiow led the defensive side with 18 digs.

The Michigan Tech Huskies were not the only Upper Peninsula team that the Cardinals played this weekend. On Oct. 8, 2022, SVSU volleyball took on Northern Michigan on its home court in Marquette.

In yet another GLIAC matchup, the Cardinals suffered a tough loss against NMU in just three sets. The final box scores came out to 25-18, 25-21, and 25-16. Rylee Zimmer led this game as well with a strong offensive strategy–12 kills and 4 blocks.

The Cardinals continue with its season this upcoming Friday as the team will travel to Hammond, Indiana for its regional crossover tournament.

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