Your life can be dominated by either faith or fear

As a college student, uncertainty flows all around me. From deciding what career path I’ll follow, to discovering this new “adult world” I’ve been thrown into.

Over the past few years, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown its ugly face of uncertainty to all of us in so many ways. However, there is this thing called faith that we can use in these hard times.

Sometimes, we just have to have faith that everything will work out, that these things presumed as bad, can flower into something incredible, something beautiful.

But what even is faith? There are some that blindly say things like, “I have faith,” when they don’t even know the real meaning of it.

Faith is the realization of things hoped for. Faith says that what is promised will happen and it’s so certain that it’s almost as if it has already happened.

Faith treats things that are hoped for as a reality. Faith is not ambiguous; it is not unsure. It is a concrete conviction. It is the present-day confidence of a future reality. Faith enables you to treat the future as present, and the invisible as visible.

In some minds, seeing is believing. However, there are some that think that believing is seeing.

This idea of “believing is seeing”, is exactly what faith is. It is taking those unknowns and believing that everything will be okay. You are seeing the future as a good place, instead of the uncertainty that lingers with “seeing is believing.”

Some might even see faith as some sort of “sixth sense” that we have. It enables us to take a firm hold on the unseen world and bring it into the realm of our experience.

This is what our main senses do, so it makes sense that this would be classified as another one of our senses.

This way, you can achieve anything, as long as you have faith to back it up with.

Faith has a funny way of taking impulses and desires and transforming them into the physical equivalent, much like our five senses do every day. Once again, faith is the realization of thingshoped for.

You have to be 100% certain that everything will be okay for faith to kick in. It can be a little frightening sometimes, putting all your eggs in one basket, but if your desire is big enough, faith can bring wonders to your world.

Unfortunately, this sense works the same way with negative emotions like fear.

If fear dominates your mind, those things you fear will creep into your life, along with your doubt, which coincides with fear. We fear what we do because of the pictures the world places in our minds. These pictures entice fear for ourselves and our loved ones.

The fear of disease can even produce the physical symptoms of the disease feared, much like our thought impulses become the physical equivalent, which I mentioned earlier. You can take precautions against a disease without the fear lingering with it.

Anxiety has taken such a toll on this generation because of this. We have allowed fear to take control. We surround ourselves with castings of disappointment and fear. The fear implanted in our minds is creating a downward spiral.

Faith and fear: where one exists, the other cannot.

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