BOV returns without GVSU

SVSU students support the Battle of the Valley fundraising efforts by registering for the date auction held on Sept. 29. Vanguard Photo Editor | Justin Kruskie

Despite Grand Valley State University (GVSU) dropping out, Battle of the Valley kicked off this week.

GVSU dropped out in the beginning of July, however, SVSU is holding the annual charity event to benefit Self Love Beauty.

Battle Chair Madison Pignatelli described the organization.:

“This year’s beneficiary is Self Love Beauty,” she said. “Their mission is to educate, invest and impact individuals on the importance of self-love and confidence to empower them to be the best version of themselves.”

Self Love Beauty works to make life-changing results through workshops, conferences, and special events. They use these to teach people throughout all phases in their lives.

Pie a Professor (bottom left) was moved indoors due to rain. Students could pay to pie a professor or students. Vanguard Photographer | Sarah Brege

The organization was founded by Lisa Thompson in 2012. She wanted to make a place that promoted confidence needed to build social and emotional skills vital to positive development.

Its website lists its core values which include self-love, confidence, health, empowerment, community and inclusion.

Besides workshops, in 2016, it started a clothing line Beautiful Me.

A few Battle of the Valley events were held throughout the week including pie a professor, battle all-stars, a dunk table, a date auction, a color run and more.

Due to the weather, pie a professor and Greeks in the square were both moved into the Student Life Center.

Despite GVSU dropping out, SVSU was determined to hold the event.

“It definitely had an impact, but we wanted to persevere and raise money,” she said. “Dropping BOV wasn’t even on the table for us. I think it made us stronger to fight for the fundraising that has been around for 20 years.”

A full list of Self Love Beauty’s workshops can be found on their website:

Microbiology freshmen Spencer Pickett (bottom right) gets purchased for $30 after showing his macho side. Vanguard Photo Editor | Justin Kruskie

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