Nazi imagery makes video games realistic

Our world continues to be molded by harsh handed political correctness.

While being politically correct makes sense in many situations and social interactions, there comes a point in which it goes too far, a point in which being politically correct becomes a weapon of woke-ism.

Historical video games are the latest victims of politically correct censorship.

World War II has always been a popular setting for first-person shooter games like “Wolfenstein,” “Call of Duty,” “Medal of Honor” and “Battlefield.”

It was the deadliest conflict in human history less than a century ago. The Holocaust slaughtered millions of Jews and other minorities at the hands of the Nazis. The swastika is the symbol that united the Third Reich. One cannot see a swastika and not feel a sense of unease.

When it comes to “Call of Duty,” pressure has been mounting for developers to censor the symbol of the Third Reich in their video games. “Call of Duty World War II,” which was released in 2017, censored the red, white and black symbol in both multiplayer and zombie modes.

The campaign still featured the swastika in some ways, but Nazi uniforms and the Nazi eagle replaced the swastika with the euphemistic iron cross, breaking all sense of immersion throughout the single-player campaign.

In video games inspired by past events, historical honesty is paramount in promoting a precise perception of World War II.

While immersion is less important in multiplayer and zombies modes, the campaign should always remain untouched by political correctness.

Firstly, political correctness did not exist in the 1940s.

Planting the iron cross on the armbands of SS soldiers and the helmets of the Wehrmacht is an insult to the history of World War II. It paints Nazis as social justice warriors who altered Hitler’s universal symbol of national socialism to cater to ensuring that their enemies weren’t offended.

Does this sound like a true Nazi to you? Did Nazis work hard to be politically correct? Let’s not kid ourselves. The Nazis wore that swastika with pride, and when I am fighting Nazis in video games, I would like to know they’re true Nazis. I want

to feel like I am toppling Hitler’s actual empire.

Secondly, video games showcase a great deal of historical content, especially in the realm of World War II.

If we misrepresent history by using the iron cross in lieu of the swastika, we are not respecting the fearful fact that Nazis rose
to power and promulgated that symbol across virtually all of Europe. If we cannot represent history with accuracy, then we are disrespecting it by ignoring its reality.

Censorship in video games is nothing new, and while one may argue that video games don’t need to be realistic, that they’re just for fun, one fails to realize that video games should not dedicate themselves to the setting of World War II without pledging to represent and acknowledge the realities of the time.

Yes, the Nazi swastika is a symbol that represents hate and reminds every one of the Holocaust 80 years ago. Does that symbol offend me? Absolutely.

That flag waged war on my country. But should it be used to the fullest extent and accurately represented in video games? Absolutely.

History does not care if it offended you. History is history, and we can do nothing more than accept it, respect it, and learn from it. Slapping an iron cross on the Nazi flag only works to diminish the atrocities carried out by the Third Reich.

Video games like Call of Duty are also incredibly popular among children, and children, as we all know, are impressionable. Seeing World War II through a censored lens only results in a warped view of this period of time.

Video games that portray the world’s deadliest conflict must be as gritty, brutal and accurate as possible.

But these kids are too young to see the swastika waving in a video game? Too young to play a first-person shooter with dismemberment and gore? Then perhaps they should mature before picking up a controller and playing a game committed to portraying the Second World War.

Mark Twain said: “Censorship is telling a man he can’t have a steak just because a baby can’t chew it.”

History is not euphemistic. History is not PG. History is not woke. Video games are an art form that should accurately portray history if its developers commit to creating a game within a historical setting.

But still, video game developers are bowing down to the demands of those who want Nazis in a World War II game censored. The truth has never been more controversial.

Those who fight for Nazi censorship in video games are fighting for a false narrative and overt lies, an untrue and inaccurate representation of the conflict in Europe.

Those who want a woke World War II are fighting for what never was and never will be.

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