Student Life Center holds a night of open gaming

Audree Irish and Gabrielle Reed play Minecraft. Vanguard Photography Editor | Brooke Elward

The Student Life Center brought gamers together Thursday evening for a night of open gaming.

All students were welcome and could play on Xbox, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles.

Virtual reality gaming was also an option for students.

The event also included a raffle for a gaming basket.

Gracie Lopez, a marketing junior, helped execute Thursday night’s event.

She is the digital gaming coordinator for Valley Nights.

“My role … is to make sure all the technology, volunteers, raffles and advertisements are set up,” she said. “I also lead all the volunteers to complete different roles like sanitizing, watching the equipment, and greeting everyone at the event.”

Lopez said she measured the success of the event based on how well the students connected with one another. She said networking and making new friends were important aspects of these gaming nights. “I really hope that people can make fun memories,” she said. “I strive to see students getting outside their comfort zone and meet in one place over some awesome video games.”

Lopez said she works with her friend Haley Carnaghi in Valley Nights to promote the gaming nights and that social media outreach is important as well.

She also said they communicate over the Valley Nights gaming discord server.

John Austin is a computer science freshman who attended the event and met new people. He said he heard about the event through the discord server for Valley Nights.

His favorite part of the event was gaming with other people who have a similar passion for the art of gaming.

The event also offered board games for those interested, proving that gaming is more than just video games.

“You have to look at where games started and appreciate the classics,” Austin said.

Gabrielle Reed, a creative writing freshman, attended the event. She said that she heard about the event through the Valley Nights Instagram page.

“My favorite part of the event is playing the PS4 with my roommate, Aubree Irish,” Reed said.

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