Nazi imagery in video games is offensive to survivors

WW2 happened over 82 years ago and for most people is nothing more than something you learn about in history class.

Our generation has become desensitized to the horrors many faced during it.

Things like video games and movies tend to glamorize the war and sometimes even Nazis.

They connect the event to entertainment, especially video games.

Video games, like “Call of Duty,” allow players to hunt down Nazis and experience the war from the view of American soldiers.

But is this okay?

Approximately 73 million people died in WW2, many of whom lost their lives in concentration camps.

These camps were meant to kill and abuse people who Hitler and his army deemed lesser than.

The horrors the people saw in these camps are indescribable.

Not to mention the things that were happening outside of the camps.

Citizens lived in constant fear of something terrible happening to them. They never knew what was going to

happen to themselves or their families. Families were hiding in attics to avoid

getting caught just because of the religion they were or even just because of where they were born.

They watched friends and neighbors leave and never return.

The Nazi symbol, also known as a swastika, has so much hate behind it.

It represents all the terrible things that happened to people during the war. There’s nothing good associated with the symbol and it could be traumatic for a lot of people.

The war ended only 76 years ago.

I think people tend to forget how recent that is in terms of historical events.

People who were children during the war could still be alive as well as the families of the survivors.

It’s not fair to them to take their trauma and turn it into a video game for others’ enjoyment.

This isn’t a game. This is people’s lives. People died, and for many of them, the last thing they saw was that symbol.

It’s so disrespectful to them to be using that symbol so recklessly. The symbol belongs in history books and documentaries, and that’s it.

It’s our job to teach the younger generations that it’s something to be afraid of.

The symbol should horrify them. It should make them think of the people who were hurt by the war.

They should associate it with sadness, anger and pain.

It shouldn’t be associated with fun like playing a video game.

The mental well-being of others is way more important than you getting to feel like a hero for shooting a Nazi.

How do you think it feels as a survivor to see that symbol?

I can’t imagine it’s easy, even after all this time.

As of 2020, 300,000 veterans from the war were still alive. How do you think they feel seeing the symbol again?

They witnessed some of the most messed up things on the planet.

Many were physically ill because of what they saw, let alone the mental damage they left the war with.

Now they’re seeing that same symbol being used by younger generations as a joke almost; as entertainment.

Why does the symbol have to be used anyways?

There’s no reason it’s in there.

The game isn’t based off a story line that actually happened, so why do they feel the need to include it?

The game could have taken place at any time but they chose to profit off the pain and suffering of others.

Alyssa McMillan

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