People need to vote in order for things to change

There is no excuse for the dumpster fire that is this election season.

Voting has been jeopardized in just about every way imaginable, the two main candidates are giant man babies and, oh, right, the sitting president might have to be escorted out of the White House if COVID doesn’t get him first.

A couple weeks ago, my mom texted me a picture of my mail. Seeing Trump’s Cheeto face plastered across every envelope, I told her to burn the lot.

Come to find out, one of those pieces of junk mail was actually an absentee ballot application.

Fortunately I requested my ballots over the summer and had no need for this application, but it definitely upset me that something that’s supposed to be nonpartisan would have Trump’s face on it.

What if I hadn’t applied for my ballot already and had unknowingly thrown the application out because I thought it was just more kindling for the bonfire?

It infuriates me to think of just how many people across the U.S. might’ve done just that and lost their shot at voting safely amid a pandemic.

But getting my absentee ballot wasn’t the only issue.

As most people know, the USPS has been floundering and ballot drop boxes have been disappearing. Yeah. We’ll say disappearing.

My family had to turn in our absentee ballots in person. And while I understand that absentee voting is partly for people who can’t go vote on election day, I think it also kind of defeats the purpose of being absentee if you still have to go drop your ballot off in person at your polling place.

That’s fine. Not a big deal.

What is a big deal, though, is that my grandparents, arguably a demographic more susceptible to COVID, have decided to vote in person on election day.

They don’t trust the mail to get their ballots in, and so they’re going to risk their health to make sure their votes are counted.

You would think, especially in a year where so much has gone virtual or otherwise not in-person, that we could have come up with a better solution. But no.

The man in charge of our country has done the absolute minimum to keep us safe during this pandemic.

Worse, he’s been trying to convince people that absentee voting will result in a rigged election.

Seems to me Trump thinks any election that doesn’t pick him is rigged.

One of the key aspects of America is our supposed democracy.

How can we claim to have that, when our president is doing his very best to suppress anyone who doesn’t want to give him their vote?

When he’s insisting that any election result other than his victory will be because of foul play?

That’s the kind of thing a sore loser would say. Or a child. A giant, sore loser of a child.

Frankly, I’m glad Trump tested positive. I don’t think it will change his mind or make him see reason.

I don’t think it will influence his supporting crowd of white supremacists, pedophiles and white-collar criminals.

It won’t do us any good if he kicks the bucket (or rather, if COVID kicks him), and it will only cause more unprecedented situations that we have no guidelines for, but it really is the ultimate karma to have him come down with a virus he’s spent months insisting doesn’t exist.

As we get closer and closer to election day, I just hope that everyone eligible to vote takes advantage of that privilege. If you don’t like what’s happened over the course of the last four years (or even longer than that), vote.

You don’t get to complain about the state of our country if you aren’t making any attempt to change things.

Make your voice heard and make your vote count.

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