Planned Parenthood is more than just abortions

In recent media there has been a lot of controversy as to why we continue to supply funding to Planned Parenthood.

Some political candidates are even calling for the total defunding of the organization.

There is a widespread belief that the only services provided by Planned Parenthood are forms of abortion.

However, in 2018 only four percent of the medical services provided by Planned Parenthood were abortion care.

A majority of Planned Parenthood’s services are sexually transmitted infections testing.

In a single year, they provided 4,960,598 STI tests to both men and women. Additionally, they provided 44,116 HPV and STI treatments to men and women.

Another significant amount of the medical services provided by Planned Parenthood are simple pregnancy tests. In one year, the organization provided women with 1,079,613 free pregnancy tests.

The organization has also worked with 1,827,625 women to provide reversible contraception, such as IUD, birth control pill and emergency contraception kits. This is huge for women.

Having safe and easy access to the method of contraceptive that works best for them will directly result in a lowering of abortion cases globally.

Planned Parenthood focuses on reproductive health.

They perform not only the same services as an obstetrician gynecologist would, but they are also the top provider of sex education in the country and relentlessly fight for reproductive rights.

Their sex education philosophy is simple, fact-based education and information.

In 2018, their sex education programs reached 1.2 million people under the age of 25 in person and a countless number of individuals through digital sex education.

Planned Parenthood’s mission for their sex education programs is to teach people about how to make informed decisions about their sexuality and relationships.

Their educational programs provide valuable information for all ages.

They offer education programs in abstinence, birth control, cancer screenings, erectile dysfunction, fertility awareness and general safer sex practices, among many other critical sexual wellness topics.

Nationwide, Planned Parenthood has 12 million activists and donors who relentlessly work to protect and advance women’s reproductive rights.

Planned Parenthood has taken legal action to protect reproductive rights that are being questioned in the courtroom.

In 2018 alone, Planned Parenthood took action on six new cases challenging federal policies such as The Gag Rule, Refusal Rule and Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (TPPP).

Planned Parenthood continues to devote endless hours of work to their current 40 open legal cases challenging laws, policies or government actions that restrict the access to safe reproductive health services.

They are currently challenging abortion bans in several states, including Ohio, Alabama, Utah and Georgia, and bringing new cases to court in Arizona, Idaho and Wisconsin to remove restrictions and expand access to safe and legal abortions.

They are even suing to keep the last abortion clinic in Missouri open.

Without a doubt, Planned Parenthood provides so much more to women than abortion procedures.

They are providing family planning services, safe sex resources, critical health procedures and invaluable sex education.

They work endlessly to ensure that women will be able to continue to
access these critical health care services regardless of the measures they will have to take.

Completely defunding this organization would have devastating impacts on women everywhere.

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