Cardinal Fitness begins virtual workout classes

Fitness instructor Jody Barrigar teaches Chill PIYO on a facebook live stream for Cardinal Fitness. Vanguard Photo | Brooke Elward

Cardinal Fitness began offering online fitness classes Sept. 14 in place of the usual in-person classes.

Classes are offered to all SVSU students, faculty and staff through a private Facebook group page.

To obtain access to the page, participants must buy a Cardinal Fitness pass from Campus Recreation. The cost is $20 for unlimited access for the semester.

Although there is not a specific schedule for when the classes will be live-streamed, classes are announced at least 24 hours in advance.

All live-streamed classes are also recorded and saved to the private Facebook group for unlimited access.

“Classes are offered both live-streamed and as recorded options within the private Facebook group,” said Mandy Ross, the fitness instructor. “That way, if someone cannot make the live class, they can always catch the recording on their own timetable.”

To provide a diverse collection of workout classes, formats of the virtual classes are often mixed, allowing engagement across the board.

“We offer quite a variety of classes in order to accommodate different interests and fitness levels,” Ross said.

Many of the classes offered are fan favorites from previous semesters. Some of the classes offered virtually this semester are CardioFit, Cardio Kickboxing, Chill PiYo, CSI (Cardio Strength Intervals), HIT and LIFT, PiYo and TBT (Total Body Toning).

All classes are open to all fitness levels and have little to no equipment requirements.

“We intentionally design our fitness classes to be accessible for absolutely every person” Ross said. “We cover the gamut, from someone who is brand new to fitness, all the way through the spectrum to the seasoned athlete who wants an intense workout.”

The virtual fitness classes have been very successful so far, Ross said. Over 90 participants have been attending virtually, all of them having positive commentary about the classes so far.

“By far, the feedback from the participants is the best,” Ross said. “Whether it is during the live-stream or recording, our participants blow up the comment boxes with how much they love the workouts.”

Ross said the virtual fitness classes still foster the positive community Cardinal Fitness is known for.

“This group is such an amazing community of encouragers,” she said. “There are so many things that we can’t control about our lives right now, but our health and fitness is one of those things that we can control. There’s accountability, motivation, and teamwork even in our virtual world.”

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