Sports training continues

Football walks out to the field for a game October 2019 Vanguard Photo | Matthew Hintz

The Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC) voted to suspend all sports through the end of the calendar year, but that hasn’t stopped some SVSU teams from getting practice in.

Ryan Brady, the football head coach, said he has set his focus on the long-term outlook of the program.

“Our program’s focus is for each member to be the best version of themselves each day,” Brady said. “My staff and I are excited to get the student athletes back on campus this fall, and we look forward to continuing our mission of building a championship pro- gram and developing outstanding young men that the SVSU community can be proud of.”

Cross country coach Rodquius Cowan said he is also keeping his athletes going during the off season.

“I am taking everything in stride and hoping for the best,” Cowan said. “We have a re-introduction plan that’s designed with the student-athletes personal welfare in mind.”

While there is an uncertainty as to when sports are going to be played again, SVSU sports are doing what they can to make sure that when they are able to play, they will be able to perform their best.


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