Religious evangelist visits campus

Sept. 10, Ken Fleck was seen by students walking around Merry Jo Brandimore and the First Year Suites.

Fleck claimed to be an evangelist who is traveling college campuses to spread his religious and political thoughts.

Fleck carried a poster that said “All Lives Matter” on one side and “ask me why you deserve hell,” with his website on the other.

During his protest, Fleck read some excerpts from his “Turn to Jesus” book and the Bible.

“How many times have you had sex before marriage?” he asked passing students. “If you have even thought about [having sex before marriage] then you are going to hell.”

When students yelled back, Fleck told them it is “too late” for them to go to heaven.

At 12:09 p.m., Fleck walked around and in front of the marching band performance to get more attention.

Fleck heckled the performers and audience members through several songs.

“I stood in between the band and [Fleck], blocking the band from seeing him,” said Mason Szagesh, a music junior. “The band and I said nothing, but the music we played said everything.”

At 1:58 p.m., a group of students knelt in front of Fleck with signs saying “love is love” and “Black Lives Matter.”

When biology junior Meaghan Ahlgren arrived, she “couldn’t hear him over the the united voices of the counter-protestors.”

The counter-protestors yelled at Fleck for not wearing a mask and being hateful towards others.

Ahlgren said she raised her hand to join the Black Lives Matter students while some students knelt and others screamed back at him.

Fleck continued to read his excerpts to the ring surrounding him.

Fleck was marched off campus by students after six hours of visiting.


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