Res Life prepares for finals with relaxation activities

Residential Life hosted a Relaxation Night in the Alumni Lounge on Thursday, Dec. 5.

Students painted canvases, created Zen gardens and watched WALL-E on a projector screen.

Communication freshman Aaliyah Bard attended the event and said that on a scale of 1 to 10, her stress level is a 9.3. Bard said that she studied in the library for six hours three days in a row.

“I feel like I’m over-preparing myself, but at the same time I feel like I’m not prepared enough,” she said.

Bard said she came to the relaxation event because it gave her mind a break from the stress of school, finals and studying.

“When I’m (in the library), I’m constantly thinking about school, constantly thinking about the finals I’m studying for, but when I’m here I’m just enjoying life and I’m stress-free,” she said.

Bard suggested that freshmen who are still adjusting to college life should be sure to get involved but to also take breaks when studying. She also said to get sleep and eat, since many students forget the importance of those things.

“Alternate between caffeine and sleep,” she said.

Holly Iseler, a psychology and pre-law sophomore, helped host the event as a member of the Residence Housing Association.

“We did this to help students relax before finals week and to have fun and de-stress before the end of the semester,” Iseler said.

She said she found the event to be important at this time in the semester.

“This is an important event to have because it allows students to leave their room and meet new people,” she said. “It’s stressful right now to have all these finals, especially for freshmen. Having somewhere where you can go for an hour or so to take a break is nice.”

Iseler said the event was great for bringing students together and helping them meet new people. She said relaxation events remind students to have fun and make memories amid their studying.

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