Queer Monologues share LGBT+ experiences

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The Sexuality and Gender Spectrum Alliance (SAGSA) hosted its third annual Queer Monologues on Tuesday, Dec. 3, in the Black Box Theatre.

Queer Monologues was started to open dialogue through the sharing of LGBT+ experiences and performances. Audience member and speaker Paige Murphy said she enjoyed learning about different aspects of sexuality and fluidity.

Murphy said she grew up in a household that favored binary aspects of gender and has expanded her knowledge of gender as an adult.

“Getting together with a group of people who don’t know what’s going on either but are able to talk about the things they found and the different avenues there are to take is important,” Murphy said.

Mia Berlanga, a SAGSA member and biology fifth year, explained that students prepared pieces to present at the event, after which attendees were invited to come up and share experiences.

“My 14-year-old sister and I shared a piece about the juxtaposition of our experiences, and she’s the youngest speaker Queer Monologues has had,” Berlanga said.

Chris and Janice Brennan, Saginaw locals, attended the event to talk about their 30year relationship and the experiences they had getting married and raising children.

She showed documents that the VA hospital had created to make people aware of inclusive spaces and its services for people identifying as LGBT+.

Megan Flattery, a pre-nursing junior and one of the founding members of SAGSA, talked about her experiences growing up. She described Queer Monologues as a way to have a conversation about being a part of the queer community.

Alumna Alexa Vanhine also participated in speaking. She said she enjoyed being able to share her experiences while also hearing the experiences of others.

“My favorite part was hearing the different outlets people use to express themselves, like the poetry and the stories,” Vanhine said. “I like hearing about people’s lives, but when they use art for their outlet it makes them really interesting.”

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