Staff shares top 5 snow day activities

Hannah Beach:

It’s hard to say what I do on snow days, because I don’t do much of anything. I don’t take advantage of the time to get ahead on homework, and I don’t go outside to enjoy the snow unless my friends make me. I usually just treat a snow day like time has frozen – ha – and I spend the day in my pajamas while I binge-watch Blue Bloods and continually snack. Why work on anything when the due date is going to be pushed back anyway? Besides, once you’ve gotten two, three, even four days off (like I did), it’s not like there’s anything left to do. Snow days are like cheesy potatoes – they’re horrible for you, but they just taste so good.

Taylor Stockton:

The best thing to do on a winter break day is cuddle up under a million blankets and watch as the chaos of winter, in the form of white snowflakes, descends from the sky. The object is to wrap yourself in a blanket and channel your inner burrito, rendering your limbs immobile, but leaving just enough room for your face so that you can breathe. I recently acquired a weighted blanket (thanks to my boy) that weighs approximately 15 pounds. I guarantee you that there is nothing better than being smothered by a blanket that feels like a hug and waiting for the bitterness of winter to end. There are even extra brownie points if you can throw in a cup of hot cocoa.

Abby Welsh:

Snow days are great and all, but they can get a little boring when they go on for an entire week. One thing to do to beat the boredom is cook. Make it a hobby, try something new or make everyone breakfast like I do. If you hear about a snowstorm in advance, go out and buy groceries in bulk. Buy snacks, maybe baking goods, dinner essentials… Rack it up. Google recipes in advance as well. Snow days are great opportunities to experiment in the kitchen because if it doesn’t go right the first time, you have enough time to start it again. It’s also fun to make recipes in bulk so your roomies can try your creation or cook with them as a little “roommate bonding” time.

Abigail Burgess:

Along with the polar vortex comes the inescapable “cabin fever.” This begs the question of what to do with this newfound free time. Though it may seem like the perfect excuse to continue down an inevitable path of procrastination, snow days are the perfect chance to catch up on the everpiling homework. Yes, this is the last way anyone wants to spend their spare time miraculously granted by the universe, but it is, unfortunately, the most efficient. As easy as it is to live out your snow days without even so much as a glance towards your backpack, if you finish your assignments in a timely manner, your future self will be all the more thankful.

Maria Ranger:

My favorite thing to do on a snow day is get cozy and watch movies. With all my classes being canceled last week, I had plenty of time to do just that. Monday night, some of my friends came over and we walked to 7/11 to get snacks. Often, they have a bin of king size candy bars by the register, and you can get three for $3. I made my way straight for the Kit-Kats. Once we got back to my place, we all made some hot tea and had a double feature. We watched “9 to 5” and “Mamma Mia,” and we had a really fun time.

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