Art show displays students’ work

Fine arts senior Anna Slavin stands next to one of her pieces featured in the student showcase. Her art describes her travels. Vanguard Photo | Kyle Will

The University Art Galley will host the 14th Annual Student Show until Feb. 8.

A reception and award ceremony for the event was held on Thursday, Jan. 24.

The exhibit is meant to showcase students at all levels and help them understand the process of having their work in a gallery, but also to display the work being done within the art department.

Gallery Coordinator Tisch Lewis was proud of the students involved. She said she enjoyed the nature of the dialogue that a student exhibit creates between students and faculty.

“Overall, it is a way to show the university what our department does, and it’s one of those things that can make or break someone pursuing art,” Lewis said. “I also think that it is a way to inspire viewers who don’t think they can do something. We are in an environment where learning is supposed to be encouraged, and I know that students take from me, and I do take from students as well. It becomes a dialogue instead of a lecture.”

Katherine Huber, a fine arts junior with a focus in photography, is one of the students who had her work showcased in the gallery.

She wanted to take part in the gallery because she was proud of her work.

“I had looked into the show before, but I wasn’t super impressed with any of my work from that semester,” Huber said. “This semester, when I had stuff that I was really happy with, I decided to submit and see if I got in. The application process was super straightforward and very smooth.”

Anna Slavin, a fine arts senior with a focus in drawing and painting, also had her art exhibited in the gallery. Both of her pieces focused on traveling moments in her life.

“For the most part, I take my inspiration from major life moments,” she said. “The two pieces in this exhibit are traveling moments. One is about my engagement in South Carolina, and one is about my study abroad trip to China. I use colors that remind me of my time there and symbols that are not commonly associated with the area to make them unique to me.”

Slavin stated that without Lewis, she never would have showcased her work. She also had advice for aspiring artists.

“Just keep practicing,” she said. “I promise you will get better. If you stop practicing, you won’t get any better. I have had more failures than successes, but that is how you learn. Also, you can learn to do art. It is not something that you need to be born with.”

Reported by Melanie Frasca, Vanguard Reported

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