Program Board to host free mentalist show

Program Board will be hosting a free hypnosis and mentalist show on Jan. 25 as its welcome back event for the winter semester.

The event features Boston-based mentalist, magician and comedian David Hall and his assistant, Antonina.

Hall and his assistant perform various types of shows in which they expertly combine comedy, magic and hypnosis activities. The shows are interactive and allow audience members to volunteer to be hypnotized or have their minds read.

Hannah Hale, a nursing sophomore, is the senior event planner in charge of the show. According to Hale, Program Board always looks to put on welcome back events for both the fall and winter semesters.

Program Board’s process of planning welcome back events like this one starts with a brainstorming session regarding what would be the most entertaining for SVSU students at that time. After finalizing a list of possible entertainment options, the next step is contacting agents or the performers them- selves to figure out availability and pricing.

Following these steps, Hale and the rest of Program Board decided that Hall would be

the perfect t. He has performed at SVSU before, and Program Board members felt that his energy matched what they were looking for in this event.

“We were looking for something fun and upbeat for welcome back, and we had really great feedback from him being here before,” Hale said. “His show is a wonderful balance between comedy and magic.”

Hale said that the show is a wonderful opportunity for students to reconnect with friends after the semester break. Attendees can expect a night full of laughter and wonder.

The show is free and open to all SVSU students. However, seating is limited, so anyone planning on attending the show should arrive when the doors open about 6:45 p.m.

“Our hope for this event is that students have a memorable night with their friends,” Hale said. “We hope they get to see something they may have never seen before.”

Program Board puts together many exciting activities throughout the course of the year and holds meetings in the Unity Room every Wednesday at 7 p.m.

Hale encourages anyone interested in joining to attend one of these meetings.

“We would love to see you there, and we love to have new members,” she said.

Reporting from Micali Gadola, Reporter

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