Review: The Era’s Tour movie is a must see for all fans

Taylor Swift has been in the headlines a lot lately. With her billion dollar tour, new romance, and re-releases of her old music.

The Era’s tour was one that all fans wanted the opportunity to go to, but, thanks to Ticketmaster, many didn’t get the chance.

Ticketmaster allowed tickets to be sold to scalpers instead of real fans, who then tried to resell the tickets for over triple what they were actually worth.

For lifelong fans, this was devastating. I myself almost didn’t get tickets but was lucky enough to have been chosen for second chance tickets.

This still had its issues. The price range tickets could fall into was large and you couldn’t pick them. They just assigned you tickets at random if any were available.

One way that Taylor Swift has tried to make this right for fans was to release a movie version of the concert.

The movie was released in theaters on Oct. 13 and has a run time of 2 hours and 45 minutes, which normally would be long but was good for the 3 hour long concert.

The movie gave fans who didn’t have the chance to see the concert to get an in depth look at what the concert was like.

The concert was amazing in its own right and was full of detail. Each song had it’s own performance and props.

The show started with her first owned album, Lover.

A wave of dancers come out with these giant pieces of fabric that look like giant flower petals. They put them down on the stage and when they lifted them back up, Taylor Swift was there.

She started the set list with a very anticipated song, Cruel Summer. There was so many little details that were hard to see at the live concert.

There were things like couples dancing during her performance of Lover that I hadn’t fully noticed during the show.

The movie gave me a chance to see those things that I hadn’t noticed before.

The show then went into each Era one at a time. She played her most popular, and her favorite songs, from each of them.

In Tolerate it, she had a whole dinning room table set up, which she then knocks off as she climbs across it.

Something I didn’t notice during the live concert was that there was actually water inside of the wine bottle that she poured into a cup.

The atmosphere of the movie was almost as good as the concert.

The concert had fans interacting with each other and handing/trading out bracelets to each other.

The movie had the same thing in most theaters. Fans brought bracelets to give to each other during the show and many were standing and signing.

It gave those who didn’t have the opportunity to go to the show the same experience that we got.

All in all, the movie was a 10/10 and every fan should go see it, regardless of if they went to the concert.

Alyssa McMillan

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