Simology club plays Sims to destress and bond

The Simology club had their first official meeting of the year on Oct. 20.

President and psychology major Maddie Swiger went to explain what the club means to her:

“I’m really proud of the community we’ve created and the people that have shown interest in it. I wasn’t expecting such a big turnout for it, and I’m really glad that other people share the same hobbies and want to relax together.”

The typical Simology meeting consists of playing the Sims, a social simulation video game, to destress and have fun with like-minded students. The members got started on their mission to do just that by creating characters on Sims that resembled each club member.

Issy Cole, Media Manager and Junior Social Work Major, gives details on the inclusion of the club:

“You don’t have to play the Sims, and you don’t have to have experience to just come chill with us.”

The club meets bi-weekly on Fridays from 8-9 p.m. It is a very low-commitment club, so anyone can pop by whenever they are free.

Jordan Kryscynski, Executive Coordinator and Junior Psychology Major, explains why the Sims is the game of interest for the club:

“[Sims] is very customizable. There’s not a certain storyline you have to follow like with RPG games. There aren’t certain rules that have to be followed. You can do whatever you want in a game like that.”

Kryscynski also goes on to mention how the game is accessible to everyone as it is free to download across all platforms.

“We thought it’d be really cool to see if there’s other people who want to play and make It into a huge group thing where we can schedule a room and hang out, have fun and play Sims together,” Kryscynski said.

Simology Club was founded by Swiger back in April of 2023. After she and her roommates discovered how fun it was to play the Sims in their living room together, the Simology club was born.

It was intended to be a stress-free environment where people could make connections and bond while playing the Sims.

“A friend of mine introduced me to the Sims, and I fell in love with it,” Swiger said. “I thought it was a really good way to escape from being a college student for a little bit.”

Allison Hummel, the Treasurer and Junior Supply Chain Management Major, goes further to explain her side of the story:

“It was something Maddie [Swiger] started, and we are best friends, so I was ‘sure, I’ll join.’ We went on to bond over the Sims when she started playing.”

The Simology club has big plans for the year. The Eboard plans to make merchandise for the club (like stickers) and collaborate with Valley Nights during November for a gaming showcase type of night.

Simology Club may have had their information night and first official meeting, but it’s never too late to join.

Simply follow their Instagram @ simologyclubsvsu for club updates and meeting dates and times. They ask members to bring their own laptop or other gaming devices to the meetings.

“I think it’s really fun to bring people together and relax because school can be very stressful,” Cole said. “I treat [the club] as something to use as a distraction from stress.”

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