Homecoming brings SVSU hometown-pride

Homecoming Week at SVSU is something many students look forward to throughout the Fall Semester, and this year was no different.

This year’s theme, “Made in Michigan,” was chosen to “foster a sense of pride and camaraderie for the great things that can be found in our home state,” according to Jeremy Flood, Assistant Director of Student Life and SVSU Alum.

“The team of student staff in Stu­dent Life deliberated with several themes before deciding to move forward with the chosen theme,” Flood stated. ”Homecoming is a great way for SVSU students to enjoy social recreation with one an­other at events, represent their RSO at homecoming competitions, and showcase their Red Pride.”

This year, the homecoming court looks a little different in compari­son to the last few years.

“Homecoming Court is com­posed of ten Saginaw Valley stu­dents that are able to represent the University, chosen by both an inter­view panel and popular vote,” said Flood.

Zakaria Abden, a senior double majoring in Supply Chain Manage­ment and International Business with a minor in Economics, is one of these students on court.

“I decided to run for homecom­ing to represent the international community here at SVSU,” Abden said. “I had learned prior that in­ternational students had run, but hadn’t won court, which fueled me to run my campaign and encour­age other international students to do the same in the future.”

Abden carried on:

“When I learned I had won a seat on the homecoming court, I was excited to make history. Though this year’s court looks dif­ferent than in the past, having the support of my friends, family, and colleagues was a great feeling.”

He went on to talk about the theme.

“The theme this year, ‘Made in Michigan,” means something dif­ferent to me rather than it does for American students, especially those who are in-state students,” Abden explained. “Something I’ve found is the love and support people show for their community. When individuals face hardships, they come together to show tre­mendous amounts of support. I feel as though small towns some­times get a bad reputation for their misconceptions, but I also see a lot of good that comes from these tight knit communities.”

Jenna Krolak, a 3rd year Social Work Major and Psychology Minor initially ran for court because she was involved with many groups around campus and had listened to her upperclassmen peers talk about how much fun homecoming was.

“I was very nervous through­out the process, but overall, it was easy., Krolak said. “I enjoyed being interviewed and felt as though it helped a lot with professional de­velopment.”

When she had found out she had won a spot on court she mentioned how she “was completely shocked.

“I felt as though everyone who was running for court this year were amazing candidates and was honored to be a chosen member of the court this year.”

Asking Krolak about the theme, she commented:

“I love the theme this year be­cause I’ve spent my whole life in Michigan, and it’s really cool to see everyone’s individual interpreta­tions as to what Michigan means to them.”

Both members of the homecom­ing court mirror the same lessons from the experience:

“I wouldn’t change a thing about my college experience,” Ab­den stated. “I worked hard and sometimes failed, but I always kept looking forward and embraced all the positive things that happened and have brought me to where I am now.”

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