SVSU Pride Center celebrates Coming Out Day

SVSU Pride, a university organization which aims to empower and support LGBT students, helped campus to celebrate national coming out day on Oct. 11.

Scott Reed, the coordinator of SVSU Pride, explained how the center has changed over the past years to reflect the needs of students on campus.

“SVSU Pride has gone through a few evolutions,” Reed said. “First as the Pride Center, and then was transitioned over to be housed under the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (OMSA). When OMSA received the expansion that it now has, the first rebranding happened, where it was briefly called LGBTQ+ Programs and Services, which lasted until this last summer.

Reed continued to explain how the organization has changed, and the changes intended impact on the community.”

When asked about Scott’s connection with SVSU, they answered, explaining their past experience as an SVSU student.

“(I am a) two-time alum of SVSU– my bachelor’s degree is actually in sociology with a gender studies minor,” Reed told the Vanguard. “I’ve always found myself interested in the community and gender as a whole. I also had my own coming out journey, starting in 2020, with my gender.”

Reed elaborated on their personal connection to their work at SVSU Pride.

 “It’s definitely work that is near and dear to my heart, and I recognize that SVSU has continued to expand the offerings and services that are available to students in this community,” Reed said. “I want to be a part of that because I’m close with a lot of students who are a part of the community, and who utilize the resources that we have available. I want to like to continue to see that grow. So, when the opportunity became available for work to be done as a professional in this area, I jumped on the opportunity.”

When asked to describe National Coming Out Day, Reed explained the details and significance of the holiday.

“It is on Oct. 11 of every year, and is a celebration of the community who have come out, and is also a day for those who have not come out, as well,” Reed said. “Truthfully, it’s meant to be for everyone. Coming out is such a deeply personal and sensitive decision. I don’t want anyone to assume that we’re only celebrating the people who have come out on National Coming Out Day.”

Reed noted how National Coming Out day was especially important for campus communities.

 “Unfortunately, since Pride Month is within the month of June, it isn’t during the academic year,” Reed explained. “We see National Coming Out Day as a day to dedicate to celebrating our own journeys and being with the support systems a lot of us seem to find in college, and to be out and proud if we’re comfortable doing so.”

Reed encouraged students to come and support SVSU Pride’s programming, stating the importance and impact of community engagement.

“The more student engagement we get with our programs, the services we offer, and the community in general, the better we’re able to show SVSU that this is a community that is present and wants to support and give the resources we have to offer,” they said “Programming doesn’t happen just in October, so we’ll continue to provide programming and social events.”

Those interested in more information, and getting involved can email for more information.

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