Society should focus less on Taylor Swift’s rumored love life

Taylor Swift has been everywhere in the headlines recently, but not for the reason most would expect.

She has been able to maintain her fame since was 16 years old, keeping the world’s interest with one album after the other.

She has changed genres and completely reinvented herself and her work more than one time. She’s come back from things most people wouldn’t.

She is currently on a tour that has already grossed over $100 million and has become one of the biggest pop stars in the world. But that’s not what people are talking about.

Once again, the media is focused on who she may or may not be dating, with the latest rumor being Travis Kelce, tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs.

To be fair, Kelce did make the relationship public by openly inviting her to his game and making comments when she did come but why are we still talking about it?

Taylor Swift is currently a powerhouse in her industry. She’s performing to sold out shows every single weekend. She literally crashed Ticketmaster with the demand for her shows.

She’s putting on one of the most elaborate and captivating shows that America has ever seen. So why is everyone talking about her love life instead of that?

Why does society seem to think that a woman’s life revolves around whether she’s dating someone?

I get that she’s a public figure, but this is just her job. Her job is to be a singer and performer. Her personal life is honestly none of the public’s business. The whole situation is being drawn out and over talked about.

Even the NFL has been posting things on social media about the alleged relationship. At the end of the day, she’s just a person like you and I. She was invited to a football by a guy and went. End of story. Let’s move on now.

It’s exhausting having every other article be about her and her rumored relationships.

This also brings up the double standard women in Hollywood face. Their male counterparts don’t receive the same criticism women do for dating. If a male celebrity showed up to a game a woman invited him to it wouldn’t have even ended up on the news.

Her relationship history has always been a subject of conversation while men, who have dated more than she has, have never been questioned.

Women are more than just who they date and how often they date. Our lives don’t revolve around men and when we can be in the next relationship.

It’s also okay for women to date a bit like men do. You’re only young once and not every person is dating to get married.

This problem doesn’t only include Taylor Swift. Lots of women in the entertainment industry face the same criticism every single day.

Taylor Swift is a force and deserves to be recognized for what she has achieved and not who she has dated.

Alyssa McMillan

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