Advice: How can students get more involved on campus?


Good morning Vince,

SVSU offers so many resources that often go unused, unnoticed, and unrecognized. My question is, how can students discover these resources, and most importantly, how do you feel students can maximize their experience and tuition by using such resources?


Hi James,

I actually extremely appreciate this question, especially how complex it is.

SVSU’s resources are something that many students are still learning about, despite there being much information already readily available throughout different University-given avenues.

One: Follow departments and clubs on social media.

We’ve all seen the memes on social media about how much college kids love free food, but it seems like sometimes people don’t even know where to go. I always highly recommend checking out what social media has to offer, as that’s been a great marketing resource. We have our phones on us all day, every day, it only makes sense that there would be a place to find your favorite department’s information.

Two: Check out resources that you already know about.

Many departments work together or collaborate, and sometimes will share each other’s information as well. These are awesome times to check out what’s to offer

Three: If you’re eligible, do it!

There are free trips, credit, and academic resources available to almost every student– if you can apply, try it! Even if you get denied, to give things a shot is better than to not try at all.

Four: Check your email

his might seem like an obvious tip, but there are people who don’t check their SVSU Outlook at all– to keep an eye on things that come through your source of info from the University is a great tool to know all the best info.

Five: Use Corq & SVSU Engage

Though these things are constantly stressed, they seriously work for great resources. The log in is tedious, but once you’re in, you’re in! These things work as awesome resources to find other resources, events, and other opportunities on our campus. One QR code and you’re set for your entire time at SVSU.

Six: Leave No Stone Unturned

This is a new idea that even I myself have adopted: Even if you’re unsure if you can, give it a shot. Worst case, most times, you’ll at least learn more about yourself than you had known before.

Now that we’ve talked about the resources I recommend, let’s talk more about how students can maximize their experience and tuition by using such resources!

There are plenty of opportunities to learn about to better your experience at SVSU– with tuition, not everything goes just toward your classes, but instead helps all across the University in various places. These go to professors salaries, keeping the lights on, and the many opportunities we have on campus. If you’re curious about the actual prices of credit hours, you can find that at

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