SVSU Program Board: Brewing up campus fun with Coffee House

Students Hard at Work during Program Board’s Coffee House Event. Vanguard Photographer | Evan Turk

It was all smiles as the Valley Vanguard sat down with Monica Bruman, a third-year education major, and senior event planner with the Program Board.

Program Board, according to their SVSU Engage page, is “a student-led organization with a goal to plan free and inclusive events on, but not limited to, campus.” Monica as a senior event planner, oversees the Coffee House series and was happy to explain what exactly the crowd-favorite event was. “Coffee house is a biweekly event that occurs on Mondays from 8-10 p.m. in the TSAR. It’s a hangout session with free snacks and drinks, but you can come and sing, share poetry, do homework, and make friends. It’s overall a very chill atmosphere where anyone and everyone is welcome.”

As one of Program Board’s biggest events throughout the semester, the Program Board team seems to have a lot planned out. “With an average of 150 to 200 students, getting 230 at our welcome back event for the year was something we were excited to see.

One thing we plan on bringing back that was both a hit with the GA (general assembly) and students alike was the use of themes. The first one was Welcome Back, but then we’re doing a fruit theme, and also a Barbie theme,” which absolutely makes sense, with the popularity of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie still making waves in pop culture after its release over the summer.

These are not the only events planned, as Bruman was also excited to share a few of the other themes for the semester, which include Halloween, camping and fishing, and frozen, as well, which gives the event a variety of different topics and concepts for each of the nights.

The team consists of senior event planners, and general assembly members, who come together to help bring these sorts of things a reality. “We work together, like branches. For example, I’m the coffee house branch [senior event planner], and there’s also a Pinterest Night branch. We work together in that way, but we also collaborate with other RSOs to help bring ideas into reality, but also gives us a chance to promote their clubs, too.”

“My favorite thing about this job,” Bruman went on to describe, “Is watching friendships grow– people come not knowing each other, and they leave with a true friendship. Doesn’t matter if they do or don’t have class together. I’d say it’s not about the coffee, but it’s about the atmosphere.”

Those interested in the events the Program Board has to offer can find information on their Instagram under @svsu_programboard or on SVSU Engage under Program Board

Students Showcase Their Studies at Program Board’s Coffee House Event. Vanguard Photographer | Evan Turk

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