Student Profile: Derrick T. Hinton SVSU wide receiver

Wide receiver Derrick Hinton warms up at practice.
Vanguard Photo Editor | Justin Kruskie

Derrick T. Hinton Jr, Sr. wide receiver for SVSU Football, talked in depth about his time playing football.

When asked why he chose to play football at SVSU, he mentioned Head Coach, Ryan Brady.

“Our head coach ensures that we are excellent young men on and off the field.” Brady wasn’t the only reason, but played a significant role in Hinton Jr.’s time on the team.

“I choose to play at SVSU because the coaches have faith in me, and I trust them as well” Hinton Jr. says.
Outside of playing football for SVSU, Hinton Jr. is expected to graduate during the current academic year. His academic goal is to be able to complete his degree, but he hopes to be able to continue playing the sport he loves professionally after graduation.

After an at-home season opener for the team, that resulted in a 34-24 win, “the focus has shifted to taking it one day at a time”, Hinton Jr. said. Looking forward to the big game this week, Hinton said the team is working to win the Axe Bowl for the second year in a row. SVSU Football will compete in the Axe Bowl at home against Northwood University on Sept. 9 at 6:30 p.m.

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